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I used to do the same thing, so I have a keen granny knot eye, lol. Reverse your first knot and boom.
Dubs, are your tying your Alden's using a granny knot?
That last blue check tie is off the hook, you could say the Yellow Hook!
We've had other retailers in this thread before, Tom from LS, the owner of Unipair & now Adam. Will not have any bearing on supply & demand in the secondary market.
Didn't care for the matte finish on the AoC #2 makeup as it's the shine that makes shell, well shell, IMO. Still not that many color #4 pairs out there relatively speaking.
$2,034 for #2 LWB, makes me think about selling my color #4 Alden's.
#8 986
AoC Cigar LWB
Can you put a quarter or something in the pic to give a sense of scale?
Off topic, but I am looking for a nice day planner in either shell or maybe CXL. Looking at Mitchell Leather, but I am open to suggestions.
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