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We've had other retailers in this thread before, Tom from LS, the owner of Unipair & now Adam. Will not have any bearing on supply & demand in the secondary market.
Didn't care for the matte finish on the AoC #2 makeup as it's the shine that makes shell, well shell, IMO. Still not that many color #4 pairs out there relatively speaking.
$2,034 for #2 LWB, makes me think about selling my color #4 Alden's.
#8 986
AoC Cigar LWB
Can you put a quarter or something in the pic to give a sense of scale?
Off topic, but I am looking for a nice day planner in either shell or maybe CXL. Looking at Mitchell Leather, but I am open to suggestions.
All this color #4 talk has me thinking that I haven't worn my LS #4 4 x 4s in at least 2 years.
Cigar PTB & EP
#8 LS Saddle on the Leydon & EP
New Posts  All Forums: