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Thank you, they are from Kathy @ AoDC a few years back. Close heel, double water lock sole and my favorite heel that Alden makes, don't actually know the name of it. Rubber on the bottom with an extension on the insole side. I'll have to post pics of the heel later to ask what exactly it's name is.
Whiskey Indy & EP Natural Linen. Happy Easter to all!
Ravello LWB & EP
Thank you, the interview went well.
LS #8 NST Saddle with Southwick suiting by EP for an interview today.
Leffot #8 NST & EP
AoC Cigar LWB & EP
Could always hit them with Neatsfoot oil and see what happens.
Didn't see what it was but if it was a used item for sale just put it in your signature.
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