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Nice #4!
Whiskey LWB
Missed the last 806 posts, lol, so I'm skipping ahead to today. The Leffot Walter boot is nice, but a double leather sole with light trim or commando sole with light from would look better than the crepe, IMO. Happy Saturday peeps!
Missed the blue, white and black buffalo check tie again.
Mike, missed the blue on the FF pants events, any more blue coming up?
2 hours left on eBay for the #4 saddle shoes.
Should be fun watching the the color #4 & black shell saddle shoes on eBay.
AoC Cigar LWB, pic taken with my iPhone 6 Plus
Zippy, has one of the top Alden collections here and is always helpful. Love the Alden forum, good peeps.
PSA - The Bureau has an Alden sale going, natty LWB, suede LWB and a few other goodies at a discount. https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/brand/alden-for-the-bureau-belfast
New Posts  All Forums: