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Alden NYC already does a CXL perf cap, but it is on the Barrie. http://www.aldenmadisonny.com/DRESSCASUALS2.html
The easiest way to take a vote on this is for someone to create a google doc & then all interested parties can vote and see it there is a consensus. Someone did this when we voted on the whiskey Indy and it worked great.
IIRC the magic number is 12.
Forgive the iPhone pics, Ravello LWB.
Looking sharp & excellent work bringing them back to life. I really like the filtered & unfiltered pics in one post, it's like having your cake & eating it too. Carry on.
Thanks, the LWB & chukka are Barrie & Indy is indeed the Trubalance. The only treatment that I subscribe to is the Mac Method.
Could always try a L and return if it doesn't fit, or maybe you could do a special order for a XL. I don't ever remember seeing a XL in the polo shirts, but I could be mistaken.
IIRC the Luchino polos are a size down if you're a XL buy a L.
Reconsider whiskey.
UPDATE ON THOR BOOT, KIND OF: Talked to Kathy Flynn today & no update. Kathy said Alden has no word on when the needed Cigar would be available. I realize that this MTO has dragged on & if anyone has changed their mind and wants to pull out please send me a PM. The main concern of Kathy was the size of the Thor order, thirty eight pair of cigar shell boots. That is a large MTO for Alden with cigar being in demand, other than that Kathy didn't think the order would be a...
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