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Leffot Cigar Indy & EP.
Indeed it did.
Merry Christmas! AoC Cigar LWB & EP.
Mosy, welcome to the world of Alden.
FWIW, you're never going to get 100% of what you want in Alden footwear in shell to your specs, maybe try Carmina or AE if you want true MTO.
Only 1,577 posts behind, lol. Happy Thanksgiving!! All that's missing is the horizontal stitching that you'd like. Robocop!
Leather Soul Color #4 4X4 for sale on eBay.
Mike, ya must've missed my question earlier, is the EFF Septembet shirting event over? It has a deadline of 9/16 but is still online.
How long is the EFF shirting event going on? 9/16 is the stated date but it's still up and tempting me.
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