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Went to the SF store and bought a few things. Roundup: Great: 1. Dri light weight blazer (M)- Great piece for spring and mild summers. Unstructured. No lining. Sleeves fit perfectly. Great slim fit even for thinner guys. Very lightweight, felt more breezy than even the linen blazers and thus went with this one. 2. Linen cotton blend blouson (M)- Again as mentioned it's unlined. More of a shirt jacket. Maybe a bit more expensive than it should be at $50 but still...
And the note:
Got my package from beingjbot! Thanks man. Enclosed 1. Pocky pretzel chocolate sticks - I think I finished them in a day. 2. Chocolate raisins- still working on these. 3. Thai massage oil - have a girl in mind for this 4. Alora ambience spray - for the bathroom. Kinda a floral locker room smell. Lol. 5. USA pocket square 6. Mouth guard for Muay Thai - thanks! I won't look like a Canadian hockey player no more! 6. And a hand written note- Really appreciated this!
Beingjbot, glad you liked it! It took me a while to figure how to represent the San Francisco Bay Area, California the best. Food from (east) asia, (south) asia and what the hipsters eat/drink really sums it up I think. I know we're all so busy, but do read the Art of Learning. It's a great book! (and/or pass it on!)
What coupon? More info please. Trying to help a brother move away from moc toe boots.
How's the MA-1 fit? for a size 39 chest (I', a L in the EFM cardigans and M on the easy case dress shirts). Am I a M or L? For a slim to reg. fit.
Looking for gym wear/stuff to wear while doing muay thai. What do you guys recommend? The 2 pack dri deodorant/mesh v neck undershirts or the dry packaged v nek tees? Anything else?
Count me in and get ready for a medical and bay area spiced package! Chest 39, Waist 34, shoes 11.
34. They're TTS.
I got the Tasmanian wool pants and they're a steal at that price. Fairly light weight wool, with a nice straight silhouette. Fit TTS in the waist. Not skinny but not straight leg either (more "slim straight"); fairly ideal for dress pants. However, I do know people on this board wear fairly skinny pants, so there's that. I would probably buy at the regular price. Limited run at the SFO store, so may be worthwhile to buy online.
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