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Free shipping within US. abercrombie and fitch wallet Made in England New without box 4.5" x 3.5" (approximately) Seems silk lined bill compartment
So did I One purple calf and one purple suede.
Free shipping within US. Brand New (without tags) Unlined Peccary Gloves, size 8.5 They are awesome.
Can you cut the spring to make it a bit shorter to reduce the tension?
I once had an overcoat taken in at the shoulders by an experienced tailor. The result is very satisfactory, albeit the cost was quite high. So I don't see why the same thing can't be done on a peacoat.
I know these are EG for Peal & Co. based on the fonts used, nail pattern, and etc. As you can see from the pictures below, Inside the shoes, on one side, there are 2 rows of stamped numbers (8392 and 1104 respectively). On the other side, there is a handwritten number 15653. I need experts to shed some lights on the size & last. Thanks. Here is a pair of EG for Peal & Co from UptownDandy's blog. They appear to be later than mine.
Thanks again´╝ü
Thanks mate. This is very helpful Any idea how much is the retail for a brand new pair like below:
So, these are Lattanzi/Asprey Can any experts shed some light on their size? I assume they are UK 11 1/2...what is the letter N designated for?
^^^ Boots look fantastic! Congrats!
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