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I own one and love it. "Slim" is the keyword though. If that's not your cup of tea better look at something else. If it is, mind your weight. ;-)
I use my Hugo Boss as my standard everyday work suit. I bought it at a discount, it looks kind of fashionable, I don't care if it gets damaged and I'll trow it away and get another cheap suit once it reaches the end of its lifetime. On special occasions I'll wear something else.
My boss owns one of these. It's actually the worst suit I' ve ever seen. They're huge in Holland among those who don' t care about what they wear.
I'd have to say Antwerp. Better than Brussels, and on average comparable to London. Certainly better than Paris. Milan outside the Quad is disappointing.
Hi, if you're willing and able to ship The Tom Ford sweater to the Netherlands using tracking, I'll take it
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