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I have a recommendation for Las Vegas after living here for a couple of years. Spend your next weekend here at Fremont street. The old strip downtown has been massively upgraded over the last several years thanks to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's interest. He formed a group of investors who have spent millions upgrading downtown. Fremont bars are much more "streetwear" friendly than many of the clubs in the big hotels on the south end of the strip. If you want a "high end"...
I have a suggestion for the Gustin guys. When you have a plaid shirt, put something in there for scale. Like a coin or a pen maybe. I bought a shirt that I thought was a larger pattern than it turned out to be. I like the shirt, but I wouldn't have bought it if I had known it was such a small pattern. Not my usual style.
This is exactly why I didn't buy one. If it fit in the shoulder the body and arms were far to big and if it fit in the body I felt like I was bursting out of the shoulders.Very oddly put together jacket. Or maybe I'm oddly put together. Either way, some jackets just don't fit some people.
I have the Japan 13er and the Okayama standard. The 13ers bleed like crazy all over. I soaked them twice and finally washed them once and they still bleed. The Okayama's don't seem to bleed much though. I soaked them once and I get no blue on my hands like the 13ers.
Two questions about the indigo dyed shirts for anyone with knowledge. Will the indigo rub off on things like the denim? Will the shirts fade like denim? Thanks guys.
I've been going backwards through the thread, so I just saw this. If you read above you'll see I just got a Simonside. It looks to me like the only difference between the Simonside and the Bede is a bit of pocket detailing and the weight of the fabric. Even though I live in the desert, I wouldn't want a lighter weight than the one I got, so I would stick with the same jacket.I wouldn't say the Simonside is loose. You can layer under it though and it's certainly looser than...
I just bought this jacket while on vacation last week in York (from the states). I've tried on various Barbours over the last couple of years and could never get a good fit in anything I liked. I would have had to get a XL in the Commander to get it to fit my shoulders, and then the body of the coat was huge.The only decent fit I've ever gotten was in the International line. The brass buttons and the belt killed it for me. This jacket, called the Simonside, solved those...
Got mine a few days ago. I was in the second go-round of the olive fabric.It's very nice, very well put together, IMO. Zipper is nice and robust and the fabric is great. The size is better than I expected. From the pictures it looked a bit disproportionately long, but it's just fine.My one quibble is the shoulder strap feels flimsy. I'm sure it's going to be fine, but it feels thin.
I just pulled Walmart out of the air. I think Levi's, Carhartt and Wrangler are viable options though for a denim trucker and you can get all of them at Walmart. That was more my point.
I'd guess it's because you can go to Walmart and pick up a denim trucker from Levis, Lee, Wrangler, Carhartt and probably a house brand any day of the week. Not to mention going down to a Goodwill or vintage shop and picking up a well worn one for nothing.The waxed fabrics are unique. Denim isn't, even if it's selvidge. Just my opinion.
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