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I just pulled Walmart out of the air. I think Levi's, Carhartt and Wrangler are viable options though for a denim trucker and you can get all of them at Walmart. That was more my point.
I'd guess it's because you can go to Walmart and pick up a denim trucker from Levis, Lee, Wrangler, Carhartt and probably a house brand any day of the week. Not to mention going down to a Goodwill or vintage shop and picking up a well worn one for nothing.The waxed fabrics are unique. Denim isn't, even if it's selvidge. Just my opinion.
If you think you could go either 35 or 36 and you are not sure, why not just wait it out and see how they fit when you get them? This is exactly what happened when I ordered my trucker. Looking at the size chart it seemed I could go either medium or large, it all just depended on how the actual jacket fit.Turned out the medium fit my like a glove, which is exactly what I was not looking for. I wanted to be able to layer under it. In retrospect I feel kind of stupid for not...
If you have larger thighs it's my opinion you should stick with the straights. I do a lot of squatting and such and have good sized thighs. The straights I have were close fitting in the thighs (and through the seat too) at first. They have broken in nicely and do not feel restrictive, but they are still a close fit. I imagine the slims fitting like yoga pants on me, lol. I suppose I could size up in the waist and get a looser fit, but that just seems to defeat the purpose...
Mine felt very snug throught the whole seat and thighs and stretched out to be very comfortable now. Give it a few days.
Ha! Those email alerts finally pay off.
Why yes! Follow this link: https://www.weargustin.com/invite_from/15432
As the others have said, no need to soak. However, soaking does help with the ink rubbing off on everything. Just be aware that everything your new jeans touch will turn a bit blue. The second soaking I gave mine helped a lot.
I don't think they are bad. They are not as wide at any point in the leg as the 501s they replaced, even though the opening at the bottom is very close to the same size. They are plenty slim for my taste.Edited to add photo. This is the leg of my 33 straight on top of my 501 STF, size 34/36.
Those are Gustin Japan Thirteeners, 33 straight. They start tight, but not really difficult to button. . Tight in the waist, seat and thighs too. I'm a crossfitter, so I squat a lot and I have fairly large quads. The jeans have stretched out to be very comfortable.
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