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I'd buy an Okayama Standard trucker. Just putting it out there.
There are three lightweight jeans on offer at the moment. I'm looking for a lightweight pair, but I want some character to them. Some visual character, rather than just pure dark indigo. Ideally I'd like Okayama Standards in a lighter weight, if you know what I mean. Any thoughts on which of the current lightweights come closest, based on the descriptions or experience? Other suggestions? Thanks.
Gustin offered me a couple of options of jeans they had in stock. They didn't explicitly offer a refund, although I've heard of people getting refunds. I imagine if I had insisted, they would have given the refund.However I don't agree that they had an ironclad obligation to do so. Good customer service would dictate they do something, but technically the post office says they delivered the package, so I'm not sure Gustin bears the whole responsibility here. I'm not trying...
Quick follow up. The package was never found. Probably stolen or mis-delivered.Gustin gave me a full store credit, including shipping.Good folks over there.
I'm massively disappointed right now! I've been waiting three months for the Japan Supima Summer jeans. Got the shipping notification last week. The tracking said it had been delivered on Monday, but when I got home to check, nothing. For the past two days I've been calling the post office and my carrier. They can't find it. Apparently they had a temp carrier that day filling in on my route. So the regular guy has no idea where the package might be. I live on a military...
Can anyone compare the Zimbabwes funding now to the Okayama Standards? I really, really like my Okayamas, I'm wondering if I should back the Zimbabwe. They look similar, I wonder how they wear and fade.
I got you my friend:
Sometimes items don't fund. It's happened. Most notably they offered a denim trucker that didn't fund. I don't think they've offered another denim one.
I emailed Gustin on the 5th and told them one of the buttons on my American Herringbone workshirt had broken in half in the dryer. Cami emailed me back the next day to verify my address and said they would send me a new button. This is what I got today. Thanks!
The lining is attached at the edges and the cuffs. Not at the side seams or around the arm hole. Sleeves are the same fabric.I don't want to assume a problem before it appears. Hopefully it will be fine. The problem for me is that, here in the desert, it's unlikely I'll get to wear the jacket much until next fall.
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