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I had a question about the backpack. Will it be offered in different fabrics? Like waxed canvas?
I think the deciding factor is how big your shoulders are. I'm a 42 as well and I could button up a medium, but as a guy who lifts, I would bust out of the shoulders. My Gustin large is snug in the shoulders, a medium could never work.
I'm the same size. Go large.
Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't mind trying the slim fit, but I think I'll stick with what I know works for this pair and go with the 33 straight. That knee measurement, going down 2 inches, scares me.Maybe I'll try it with a lighter weight denim, or if I can find a resale pair for less money.
I've got two pairs of Gustins in 33 straight. A 13 oz denim and 14.5 oz Okayama Standard. They fit very well, if a little snug through the seat. The waist started out tight and stretched out nicely and I find them both very comfortable, especially the lighter weight pair. I've backed the 16 oz Heavy American. I'm thinking about going with the slim fit, and I think I should size up to 34 because the material is heavier and because of how snug the straight fits in the...
I'm comparing to Levi's and Nautica. My Gustin large is actually tighter across the shoulders than my mediums in those brands. Wearing the Gustin in large I can't imagine that I could even get a medium on.
The large shirt fits well. Not baggy at all. Like a medium in most other brands.
I'm 5'10 and 180, I'm a lifter so I have broad shoulders. I originally ordered the medium and had to send it back for credit because it fit too snug to layer under it. I got a large a few weeks ago and it's perfect across the shoulders for layering. Of course I have to deal with some volume through the body but I'm okay with it. I could see myself getting it taken in someday, although that seems like a difficult alteration. For what this is, a casual coat, it's fine.You...
I have a recommendation for Las Vegas after living here for a couple of years. Spend your next weekend here at Fremont street. The old strip downtown has been massively upgraded over the last several years thanks to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's interest. He formed a group of investors who have spent millions upgrading downtown. Fremont bars are much more "streetwear" friendly than many of the clubs in the big hotels on the south end of the strip. If you want a "high end"...
I have a suggestion for the Gustin guys. When you have a plaid shirt, put something in there for scale. Like a coin or a pen maybe. I bought a shirt that I thought was a larger pattern than it turned out to be. I like the shirt, but I wouldn't have bought it if I had known it was such a small pattern. Not my usual style.
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