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What's the penalty in Texas for possession of stolen property?
If you were going bespoke/custom/MTM you could have picked the cloth that fits the temperature range you mentioned. Anything in the 260-290 grams per meter will be fine. If you want RTW suit then you will have to feel the cloth before buying. As for the color, I think a plain Navy Blue suit with a white shirt and maroon/red tie with plain toe or cap toe black oxfords will work the best. For the second wedding, try the same suit with a different shirt/tie combo.
Why are you insisting on a $3 tie? If the reason is that you must wear a tie at work and you hate your job then you should be looking for another job. If you are just too cheap then buy a $10 tie and skip a big mac combo.
Quote: Originally Posted by jacobkozinn The public admission by an administrator of this business to manipulating this business with the direct intent to harm my professional reputation is priceless, thanks If that's the basis of your lawsuit then you should be suing youself since noone has harmed your professional reputation more than you have.
I see Tito and I raise you Jinnah, an Indian statesman and the founder of Pakistan. It is said that he was a regular customer of Savile Row and had over 200 suits and dozens of bespoke shoes. He also had a liking for Sulka ties. The most important difference between him and Tito was that he paid for his suits/shoes out of his own pocket. He was one of the top lawyers in London when he lived there and the most expensive lawyer in India when he moved back....
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinky89484 I just got a new suit and the jacket left breast pocket is sewed shut. I want to use pocket squares, do I cut it open? It is usually held together with very weak stitches. They should come off easily.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sazerac A lot depends on your coloring, too -- that is skin tone, hair color, etc. When you go shopping bring along a woman who can be objective to tell you what colors look better on you. Where do you find such a woman? I thought getting a woman's input in the matters of men's clothing was not SF approved.
If you paid $100 for a suit that doesn't fit you then in my opinion you paid too much. Most likely the coat and sleeves are too long for you. A good tailor will be able to make it look half decent after alterations but do you really like this suit so much that you would spend maybe another $100 to make it fit? If I were you, I would just return the suit and get one from their stock in my size.
Quote: Originally Posted by chi-square 5. Italian suits are stamped 1990's... "American" suits with a single vent or "English" suits with double vents are a lot more classy. Unless you eat cannolis buy American or English suits! I enjoy a good cannoli and still prefer the English style suit over Italian. I must be doing something wrong.
I can understand a man making a mistake with the button if he was in a hurry but the deep crease on the bottom of the jacket is not excusable.
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