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If you have a hot date then wear something that comes off easily.
Beautiful shoes. I would love to try a pair if they are set up for custom orders from overseas.
Cheaney Warwick or Church's Sheldon.
that it is spelled forvm, you plebs.
Professor of discipline at the college for naughty girls.
Ralph Lauren was closed for Chinese New Year? How sweet of them
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I think only the police and the army must be allowed to have weapons .. You are not alone, Kim Jong-il believes the same. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar If I was living in the states ,I might have to possess one but it 's not really the best advertisement for American society.. It is actually a scary thought I will need a firearm in my house... You have just... With shipping this will be about $500 . This will be a bit over $500 Just to get the thread started. I am sure others will post some choices for you. I would buy either one of these over Magli any day.
DB power Very simple and elegant.
Thanks to the power of internet, we now have access to offerings from European shoe makers in the $400-600 catagory. I would buy C&J, A.S etc. over Alden anyday.
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