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If you don't want an elongated toe then look for shoes made on C&J 236 last like Bedford or Connaught.
You can grind the sole in front of the toe down to the sharpness of a razor blade and go out on an ass kicking campaign.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Cleverley likes to say they're 'suspiciously square' Just for the record, I think that pair looks very good. The shape is a classic and I have seen it in many old pictures. I was just commenting on the public opinion common on this forum that any toe on the squarish side is to be chastised, for God only blesses those wearing a round toe. I guess if the shoe costs less than $300 it is a square...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Am I going blind or is this a square toe? Will I burn in sartorial hell for asking this question?
Thank you for the responses. Quote: Originally Posted by JamesX John Lobb in South Coast Plaza and Leather Soul on Rodeo Drive are the only 2 place I know of. Both places have fantastic service. Definitely should pay them a visit if you are in the area. For the brands you mentioned I usually go through Pediwear in UK though (online shop). I almost purchased a pair of Loake shoes on herring shoes website. On the final checkout screen...
Is there a shop in So. California that stocks English shoes like Loake, Barker etc. ?
[quote=Tony Romo;4193115]I just bought this double breasted linen sport coat. The vents are still sewn shut, so it's a little tighter in the bottom area than it would end up. Also, I realize the sleeves are too short (I'm 6'2) and have to have them lengthened on almost all of my sport coats. I see a little bit of pulling, is it too tight? Is there too much pulling? Could some of the tension be released by opening the vents? Yes. Open the vents and report back. Right...
I come here everyday to see if the square toe shoes are back in fashion. Any day now any day!
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Bow tie, man. Would you beat up a man wearing a bow tie? You tell me.
So this is what a soft cut with drape looks like.
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