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Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Someone suggested that I have her make shirts for me. An appointment was made and I showed up on time only to have her tell me. "This is not a drop-in kind of place. You'll have to leave, I have an appointment coming." Rather than tell her that I was her appointment, I decided to leave. There was no way I was going to like this woman. I lol'ed. Well played. I would have told her that I was her appointment...
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I don't know how you tie your FIH but if you loosen it where the small end is out, it will just unravel. I know that FIH is a self releasing tie. I highlighted the part in your quote that I didn't agree with. A Windsor knot is self releasing and a half windsor can also be self releasing (depending on where you start the loop in second stage).
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark I used to wear only windsor and half windsor knots. Now I only wear four in hand and double four in hand knots. For me there are a few reasons why I prefer the FIH to the Windsor: 3. Removal. You can just pull the FIH knot and it will come undone. A windsor or 1/2 windsor will require loosening and then further unknotting afterwards. Nope.
Your website looks very user friendly. I will be shopping there soon. Will you be offering other brands in the future?
Absolutely stunning shoes. Great workmanship.
Excellent work Mina.
Kisa, Doc4 is right on the money with his advice. Ask the gentlemen about the suits they have in their closets and pick the darkest ones. You could buy them matching ties like Doc said, although it's not necessary. Buying an inexpensive suit is also a viable option since a long time service from the suit is not needed. I would not recommend the rental route. And congratulations
Quote: Originally Posted by Unrefinery I'm not a fan of cuffs, primarily because everyone I see wearing a $100 suit has cuffed trousers. But this is one of those rare things in sartorialism that is completely a matter of personal preference. Unlike pleats, which are horrible without exception, there's no right or wrong here. Get whichever you like. Oh really? Lucky for you that multiple votes are allowed, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten my vote. Oh yeah, I voted for you AFTER i voted for her.
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd You would sooner walk to Naples and back than learn the craft yourself through trial and error. Well said. +1
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