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RIP... Looking forward to the world's most expensive casket in action.
A good dress shirt for you will be the one that fits you the best, above everything else. A $500 bespoke shirt that doesn't fit you will look a lot worse than a $20 shirt that provides a good fit. The second thing to look at would be the material. I try to stick with pure cotton shirts because I find them more comfortable than cotton/poly blends. Your mileage may vary. For a professional look, stay away from shirts with bold stripes, patterns and colors. stick with...
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 Amazing suit. This is exactly what a DB should look like.
.. Sorry, double post.
Sounds like an interesting challenge. At the very least, a chance for some conservative SF'ers to get their spectators and saddle shoes out. I can only imagine what the daring will show
I voted for TTO (both since i didn't know which one was which). I would also like my write-in vote counted for Fred49
Hey, what if the patina that you guys admire so much is actually melanoma?? Should I take my shoes to a dermatologist?
Are you serious? How long before someone asks if the shoes can get skin cancer because of prolonged sun exposure?
Is that the shoe heaven?
I might be tempted to order one if they decide to lauch a "custom made seconds line". . With their vast experience with such product, it should be a piece of cake.
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