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I wish the Gray DB and the three piece were in 43 or 44R. I would have taken both of them in a second. Congrats to the buyers for picking up great deals.
How about adding the 360 degree view option at least for shoes? It helps a prospective buyer see the shape of the tow and the back of the shoe, For an example of this feature look at bexley shoes website. Also, although not website related but I always wondered why you didn't stock men's shoes in men's sizes. I only found 1 US 12 on your site.
Thank you for a very informative post.
Isn't black considered "the" power suit in some Asian Business settings?
I just retired my Black Armani suit that served me very well, even in professional settings. It is not uncommon to see black suits in offices in Los Angeles. In the wild, they are not hated as much as they are here on SF.
+1 . I have worn double breasted suits in professional setting in the last 10 years when many days went by before I saw anyone else wearing one.
A person who has 40K to spend on a watch should have enough sense and style to pick one himself without asking anyone's opinion. Maybe my view of the world is too idealistic
Quote: Originally Posted by LanceW I will pay my own way and stand in for him. Please have my suit waiting for me when I arrive. PM for measurements! I was going to make the same generous offer but you beat me to it. OP, a solid wool suit will not wrinkle badly. If wrinkles are that much of a problem then may I suggest a 70/30 or 80/20 wool/mohair blend? Put your foot down firmly. I don't have any experience with marriages but I...
Sounds like a good idea. If you think that you can run a profitable operation by offering a U.S made, fully canvased suit for $595-$795 then more power to you. I wish you the best of luck. I am assuming that you would take the measurements of the client yourself, if that's the case; do you have any past experience in tailoring? In other words, can you accurately interpret your client's body shape to the block pattern you are offering? Please keep us updated with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No, the point is that it's absurd to say one style is inherently classier than the other. That's like saying "bluchers look cheap, you should always wear bals." Really? Single v. double is just a stylistic choice. You don't have to like either. But neither is inherently nicer or crummier than the other. We're not talking about the difference between Lobbs and Hush Puppies here. +1. I happen to dislike...
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