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Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Enjoy your youth. As long as you take whiskey more serious than Ginsberg, you'll be OK I'm fairly comfortable with my bourbons, but primarly an ipa fan. Also Ginsberg isn't so bad, but I'm not from San Fran and don't have to deal with Berkeley kids all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition ^ Just turned 21? no... senior year of my BFA and 23.
Just finished Jim Bean Black, which I'm starting to love and just recieved a bottle of Basil Hayden's as a gift. I just opened the bottle and not to sure how I like it.
Basil Hayden's in a coffee cup writing about photography and reading Ginsberg.
pasta and beer + multi vitamins
just got a bottle of basil haydens as a gift.
lucky strikes or norwegian shag hand rolled
I have the harman kardon soundsticks that I use with my computer and would like to also use with my turntable. But when i plug in them up I loose my sub and the sound goes flat. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a receiver or another way to fix this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 Spectacular, I have 3 bottles currently. Definitely auto-kop when it's on the shelves. Most people don't like Canadian due to the bitterness from the rye, I quite enjoy it. While most Canadian is banal garbage, there are some hidden treats. I like Centennial as well as Alberta Springs and Alberta Premium. I still prefer the Wiser's 18 and find it better than Crown Cask 16. Wiser's 18 does take some time to open...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Anymore questions? hows the kirkland signature?
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