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Just got notice that my SDs have been shipped- that's like only 3 weeks!!!
I think SDs look best when the toe has curled up a bit. So for me, no trees. Now, maybe if I got some in shell, but my cheap ass won't let that happen any time soon
To each their own, but I'm not too sure about these
^theres always room for another pair! Only question for me is distressed roughout or natural CXL...
Really badass build! I am very interested to see some side shots of the full boot. Am thinking about a 6" bounty hunter with all eyelets myself. Also will tell me if you got rolled or cut top, and/or pull loops Wear em in good health (And yeah, bl@st us with daily evo shots like our boy 4Cs!)
Nah, they're there. I just sent and got an email reply from Kyle today... Maybe worth a long distance call??
These are a strong argument for close trim IMO. Gives a bit more of a sleek look, especially with the narrower profile of a soft toe. Great job man- Wear the snot out of em:)
New Posts  All Forums: