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Ben those guys have been dropping the ball on your orders! First, the sloppy counters. Now, the wrong MTO makeup?? That said, they are sharp as hell looking, bro!
Wusses, I say. Some jacket makers have been known to use real kudo. Perhaps the hides just aren't thick/durable enough to be practical for boots?
Kudo hides are notoriously marked up. Them animals get snagged up in the thickets
Brown dress is significantly thinner feeling than an oil tanned leather like brown smooth. Break in is immediate with it
Sonofabitch, my size too! Somebody buy these quick or I'm gonna get extra antsy!!
@nickscustombootsCheck out these beauties. Help name em! I've already posted my suggestions Tho I think they'd look better with an extra (or two) eyeletEdit- that pic looks like ass!!
FYI- Nicks recently started up an Instagram account.
Let the games begin!!
Yeah yeah yeah
Fantastic, and congrats! was wondering about that block heel; looks damn nice. MUCH better than White's IMO. You damn sure better keep us (or at least me ) updated, bro. The stitch work looks impeccable
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