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Those are so fuggin tempting........
The line between brown and black can be very thin (brown dress SDs on left, black cxl LTT SJs on right)
Black cxl....
Happy Father's Day, fellas!
Lina, they look incredible. You must be very proud of them. I'm generally a full trim guy, but the close trim with the toe cap is perfect. And don't worry about stretching at all. My leather lined SJs in black cxl are a kajillion times sturdier (read: less prone to stretching) than other cxl footwear I've owned
What size do you wear in Chuck Taylor's? Im a 10D on a brannock, wear a 10D in most everything including Whites SJs in the lace to toe pattern. But a 10D on the #55 last is big as a mother slugger. I'm a 9.5D-E on the 55 last
I'm sold... Thx for the info
Empty Garage JP advertises british tan as horween cxl, so I'm just plain confused!!http://emptygarage.jp/smp/list.php?type=class&group=115037&sort=normal&pict=2&page=1
You're such an a**hole. Lovely loveliness and me on a shoestring budget
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