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Wesco is actually a bit more expensive overall, but worth it because they're better quality IMHO Those btw are some badass Jobmasters 👍
Go for brown oil. With time, and proper wear and care, it will patina to your liking.
Solid stuff bro.... So the waist is 35"?
Great shirt
you mean you'll actually use these for work???!!! 😄😜 in that case, double celastic is probably in order. But keep in mind that even single is pretty stinkin heavy duty (especially if you get leather lined). My SJs are single celastic and I would imagine it would take a Volkswagen to flatten the toes
I actually agree with Louie on his first two recommendations- fancy that!
Those are so fuggin tempting........
The line between brown and black can be very thin (brown dress SDs on left, black cxl LTT SJs on right)
Black cxl....
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