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Dig it
Any pics out there of some SDs in this nice looking stuff?
FYI- Kyle confirmed with me that the horsehide being used for their exclusive SDs is indeed strip (aka horsebutt); the second best part of a pony next to shell from what i understand. Does require leather lining
Bummer man.
F^ck you, rain!!!
I know I know- wishful thinking
Thx, Guy. When's the next sample sale? ;P
I'm assuming its totally unlined, which would be consistent with original service shoes/boondockers. However, wanted to check. Few boots look as badass as a well-worn pair of boondockers! Hopefully someday ill get a pair...
Arizor, are the vamps lined, or is the whole upper unlined?
Jvav, sorry no pics handy. but ive owned some blue cxl shoes and really love the way they wear. like the black CXL, the blue is aniline finished rather than pigment dyed. The surface spray will wear exposing the brown. You can always polish the leather- to add back more blue- but to me itd be like re-dying faded denim. you earn that patina If you don't want that affect, I'd suggest another option
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