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These are what I'm talking about; man, I love them! More C461 goodness here http://emptygarage.jp/smp/list.php?type=class&scat=941494
Ain't no shame in antique hardware. I actually prefer the way it ages; the laces will gracefully wear away the finishing to reveal a nice polished brass patina. Btw- those gotta be close trim
Btw- whose got experience with the C461 last? I'm enamored with it at the moment
My two cents- I'd do standard trim and heel, no pull loops, and no leather lining (the cxl is thick enough on its own IMO). Also would consider brass hardware. Makes a beautiful contrast to the burgundy.
Eff that noise
These may very well be my next boot; soo sick!!!!
Ben those guys have been dropping the ball on your orders! First, the sloppy counters. Now, the wrong MTO makeup?? That said, they are sharp as hell looking, bro!
Wusses, I say. Some jacket makers have been known to use real kudo. Perhaps the hides just aren't thick/durable enough to be practical for boots?
Kudo hides are notoriously marked up. Them animals get snagged up in the thickets
Brown dress is significantly thinner feeling than an oil tanned leather like brown smooth. Break in is immediate with it
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