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My experience has been to go tts on SJ and half size down on SDEdit- my SJs are lace to toe so maybe I'm not a good point of reference
Those came out perfect IMO. Congrats! Having Baker's touch up the heel looks like it was a good idea because I don't think I've seen nicer block heels on a pair of Whites. Still seems silly to have to do that on brand spankin new $400+ boots, but oh well Pls refresh my memory; that's a lowered heel, correct?
So stinkin tempting
Messed up orders on MTO products just plain suck!! Nothing like waiting for months and months only to be left with something you didn't order or something that doesn't fit you... Thankfully, most of these makers put their customers first and go out of their way to correct any problems. Have had to have two leather jackets remade and three pairs of boots (remade or repaired). But I still accept these issues as I prefer an artisan/hand made product over the competition......
Fwiw- it's incredibly difficult to discern steer from horse based on visual inspection alone. You pretty much need DNA testing, unless you're talking about shell. Just ask a WWII A2 or engineer boot collector. That said, you should be able to compare both the cxl and horse strip samples and notice a difference
Haha, exactly! Though I wouldn't trade em for nothin. Double leather soles rule the roost IMO... And now that it's nice weather here in seattle I'm wearing them (practically) daily.Go double leather, broski. But then again I got a whole closet full of boots so if you want something for all seasons, all terrain you may opt for 269s or 705 half soles.
@gregornz all too happy to oblige I can't recommend the build enoughI will take a few decent pics tonight. In the meantime, here's a teaserEDIT- more pics of my little tanks:
Dont forget the counters
Opinions are like you-know-what, but I'd go for a 6", brown dress, standard toe. The 7" is just a little too tall for me on BHs for some reason, brown dress is the shit, and since you already have a mob of toe caps go for one sans toe cap
Those look fantastic!!!
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