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Lol!!! I know, right?To me it's about achieving the flatter toe profile; but SLOWLY, which is why my preference would be the leather material (think its plastic impregnated) instead of plastic. Will hold shape but over time will break down, eg old Wearmaster and RW ankle workbooks.
6" (or 5") boot, brass eyelets and two top speed hooks, mid brown wax pull up leather, old-school leather reinforced toe box (not celastic- Nick says he's got it), single midsoles, regular height tapered heel with Dr Sole full cord heel caps, DR Sole full cord half soles, and double welt stitching. Done and Done
Cool thx
Feelin lazy- anyone know the thickness and/or weight of the cxl White's uses?
Ed, in all seriousness (though, props if you can respond in haiku), I am interested to hear your thoughts on how you believe Nick's compares to the other Big Three (Viberg, White's, and WESCO). I know you've handled em all in mass!
just Ed being Ed; don't dare ask him his thoughts on cxl (sorry, Eddiee, couldn't resist)
Ed has a way with words
More than anything I own two pair of White's as it is but no Nick's That said, there have been numerous quality control issues reported here lately out of White's shop (uneven cut counters, sloppy welt stitching, order mixups), and the more I've seen examples of Nick's boots (and owners I've chatted with) lead me to believe they are putting out a better (or at least more carefully crafted) product. I got family in Spokane who swear up and down that Nick's is a better...
no question that I'd get Nick's over White's if that's where the battle line was for me today. I'm actually considering selling a thing or two to get both.If anyone is interested in a leather jacket hit me up!
Deeply conflicted about getting a pair of these or some Wesco MP packers....
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