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@gregornz all too happy to oblige I can't recommend the build enoughI will take a few decent pics tonight. In the meantime, here's a teaserEDIT- more pics of my little tanks:
Dont forget the counters
Opinions are like you-know-what, but I'd go for a 6", brown dress, standard toe. The 7" is just a little too tall for me on BHs for some reason, brown dress is the shit, and since you already have a mob of toe caps go for one sans toe cap
Those look fantastic!!!
That's really good to know. I think a 6" SD is a great option (not sure I dig the 8" tho). Just a wee bit more understated than BHs, because of the counters, but a wee bit more rugged than the standard 5" height
True but it's not going to be as pronounced on full leather heels. As time, wear, and the elements take its toll on the boots, the glue between the stacks will deteriorate. Just a fact
As 4C says it's perfectly normal. Get half soles instead of full rubber soles, and problem solved
Id love to see some close up shots of those packers, bro. Have some Wesco custom packers scheduled for delivery next week and would be curious to see how they compare.
Wait now I'm just confused. Are you acknowledging that your above comments are stupid?
This d bag needs to go
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