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I can't fully answer that because I have only briefly owned some Nicks (a second hand pair in cognac bull hide that didn't fit quite right so they had to go) and have never touched a pair of Vibergs.But between wesco and whites, I'd say the wescos seem the better crafted boot (better qc standards, full stitch down, smaller factory, etc). But I find whites arch ease to be more comfortable. My next pair without question will be some Nicks (yours are just too damn...
Haha, yeah these are wesco. And yeah, I'm sure I've had a post flagged for my heel height taunting (my apologies if I've offended any of you- I'm such a hypocrite). To be fair and fully disclosed, I totally and completely think there is room for both. I do, however, love to stoke the fire on that topic
Thx for the comments bros! These are packers on the motor patrol last, 7" height, 269 outsoles, natural midsoles (single) and heel (standard), brass eyelets and hooks, and black tie leather. Basically, a poor man's flightmaster with natural stained trim. If you're looking for a boot with the refinement of the 2030 last but still retaining the ruggedness of an American workbook this is the one for you Here's a top profile And heel (not for the wussy lowered block heel...
Ryden, thx for the compliments. These things look cooler after a ton of wear (and careful attention), right?!
Haha, a more attentive husband for one Apart from my disinterest in participating in a lot of the ridiculousness here of late, there's the fact that my boot collection has pretty much hit critical mass (upon delivery of some wesco packers). I've told myself I need to slow my roll; these forums are like a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar! Btw here's the last straw pair
I for one have a few ideas why this is happening... But rather than flag posts myself, I've just tuned this thread out (for the most part).
Gregornz, those BHs are incredibly nice. Congrats! Now, stop flattering that wank with your avitar :P
+1 plus the full wait time pls BTW- That olive cxl is fuggin sick!
You mean I should be feeding those rugrats??
Lina, I totally and completely agree and support your plea. But I just gotta point out that it's literally one guy causing (or at least instigating) all the ruckus
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