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Ok dudes, get hip: Baker's are about to blow your sh*t! Custom 6" lineman boots hand made and lasted out of shell cordovan in Thee Great NW!!!
That's just me excited to see these.... If I only had the scratch right now
That's a hellova good deal
Lina, I'd think that should only pose an aesthetic issue if the cobbler cut it whack. Other option, perhaps, at least I know it's often done with pull-up boots, is to have the instep stretched? Would stretching the tongue solve it? Regardless, get it fixed cause you'll actually wear them once you can get rid of the blister band aids!
Good god... Yes!!
If you want extra stretch protection yes, but trust me the stuff Whites sources is plenty thick for a casual boot. I have a pair in black CXL with leather lining and they're heavy as a mugg. Barely a wrinkle in the hide. Now brown or black dress? Technically no lining needed but a wee bit flimsy feeling without it. But true blue OG SDs are brown dress unlined If anything, I'd recommend lining from the vamp down only. But that's just my opinion (full disclosure: I don't...
No liner needed on any of em. British Tan is one on my long list
Cathpaw, welcome back bro!!
CXL is a great leather, and is especially popular for "lifestyle" footwear for a reason. It has great pull up qualities, beautifully (and expeditiously) patinas, and is analine finished rather than pigment dyed which provides for a nice edge detail and mellowing "tea core" effect to the leather overtime that is highly coveted by collectors (among other reasons). There's also a good reason why it ain't standard on their (and every other makers') work boots: because it...
Price includes shipping conus. Intl shipping will be more
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