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Correct. BUT, that may not always be the case. I'm pretty much a 10D as a "true size". Got a pair of SDs (bunch of stuff pages back) in a 10D and found them to be wayyyy too big. After some lengthy debate about what size to get I went with a 9.5E. I ended up needing to add an thin insole as filler, but thats pretty standard and the fit is practically perfect. so if you dont want break in the wider boot will do it for you; standard width may require a lot more break in. My...
Grayland, glad those SDs worked out for you -b Fwiw- I agree to size down a 1/2 on this last, and perhaps (just perhaps) size out in the width too...
Thx man! I totally love these boots. Standard heel double leather soles. Built like tanks
Sounds like you got it squared away. If youre anything like me the fun is in the planning As for the difference in height from 6" to 5"; there is definitely less ankle support, but I find my SDs to be much more comfortable to wear for that reason. More comfortable to wear sitting at my office desk
No, but it's similar in that they're both dress leathers. The cxl that whites uses is absolutely great stuff, don't get me wrong. Pretty different in terms of look and how theyll wear though. Id say if you want a more casual look the cxl would be the way to go; if you want a bit more refined (i hesitate to say "dressy" but you know what i mean) look go French calf. Just google image search the shit out of both
Definitely has more of a sheen, but to me that's a good thing. I absolutely love my brown dress SDs, if I was looking a burgundy casual boot (eg SDs) I'd go French calf. But that's just a personal preference.
I say French calf. More of a dress leather, and requires a lining because its thinner. But patina is the payoff
Andy, good question and one I've been asking myself. From what I understand its pretty legit stuff and should wear as good as any NOS Biltrite, Cat's Paw, O'Sullivans or similar cord/neoprene soles you can find.
Baker's in-house cobbler service on some SDs featuring Dr Sole's full cord half soles and heels. Not my boots, but been harpin on Kyle to stock this stuff Hit him up to show the demand, boys!
Up for grabs is a Fullcount JP heavy slub flannel shirt, sz 38, which is their size medium, but is more like a sz small which is why I'm selling. The shirt shows some wear, but it's primarily a result of the heavy weave. Measurements: Sleeve- 25.5" Chest- 20.5" Shoulders- 17" Length (bottom of collar to bottom hem)- 27.25" Great shirt, don't sleep
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