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Exactly!!! Both black cxl:
Cathpah, those BHs are cool as spit! Congrats and thx for the extra photos- keep em coming as these evo Did I miss it; single celastic toe box, right? Also, you go with leather lined or not? As an oil tanned leather this stuff should be crazy thick, no?
Natural for sure. They'll patina up with time, but early on makes for a superb contrast with black. And don't overlook brass.
I've dubbed up my midsoles and heels plenty of times without even thinking about it. Could see why the leather would separate over time, but I wouldn't overthink this too much; we are talking about workbooks here
Lina, I've heard great things about the horse strip White's sources for its SDs. Supposed to take on a beautiful patina. You doing lowered block or Cuban heel? Regardless, I think 1/4" would be low enough depending on which sole you went with (269 will get you even lower than double leather, right?) Btw- saw you posted your HH Vibergs up for sale; sorry to hear those didn't work out as they were grail boots IMO. Nothin beats the comfort of White's tho
Speaking of soft toes; what are your thoughts on the soft toe with the standard heel? To me they sorta look too much like packers
Not mine, nor the same build as asked about, but gives you an idea of what soft toe w/double midsoles looks like
Ricky, essentially yes. My initial pair were only worn indoors for a few hours. Long enough for me to realize they were too big. The guys at Bakers are first rate. I said, "I'm worried on the fit for these, and just wanted your advice before I wear them outdoors". We had a few lengthy phone conversations, and ended up speculating on the correct size. I then sent them back, and they ordered the second pair at the next size down and a width out (plus addition of leather...
Haha it's called having two kiddos
My remake SDs came in today; perfect fit!!! My initial order was 10D these are 9.5E. Size down and out seems to be my rule of thumb for the #55 last. (Great pic, I know )
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