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If you really want a shine, use some neutral wax polish. Not recommended for oil leathers per se, but it's still done all the time.
Nah, Louie would have thrown down some Titanic-sized, obscenity-laced, derogatory-filled, grammatically-incorrect type ish on that ass, topped with a bucket of Huberds!
This are really sharp oxfords. Single sole, right?
@meso, Kyle all day long
Hmmm.... Is it as natural tanned looking as in the stock photo?
Agree wholeheartedly. There's still the Shoemaker family in Skapoose and Viberg family in Victoria
Regarding Whites, there's a seller with two pair of pretty nice SDs on eBay right now sz 8D.... Check item number 301250372671
Exactly and that's what bugs me so much about the situation. I keep hoping the mods will do something about it or the individual will eventually post some shit so terrible that their hands will be tied, but so far no dice
It's literally just one dude
It ain't the size of the shaft that matters....
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