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Brown dress SD goodness
+1Later, skater
Louie, you're wound pretty tight. Go grab a beer and chill, homie
What no mention of WESCO?
Same thing said for standard vs lowered heel- or do all steakhouses serve the exact same cuts? That said, I'm a medium rare, salt and pepper kinda guy
I totally agree, unless those are for spurs something's wrong with em.
That subtle taper makes a HUGE difference IMO
The toe profile on those nomads is so stinkin nice
Perfect build for engineers; now, if only they'd mod on instep strap length, roller buckles and shaft height. EDIT- none of that was meant to be any kind of dig on your very fine pair btw. The black cxl is a perfect leather with its aniline finish (r/t pigment dye)- read, will age and patina perfectly
Doood, yes!
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