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EastWest, you have any fit experience with Smokejumpers and how they are compared to SDs? Trying to decide if I should stay with my SJ size or not on my very soon SD order. (Yes, I really am going to finally pull the trigger- haha!)
Sz 34??
Or just go for single leather soles
Those are amazing boots! That toe is perfect IMO. Make em your slim jeans/chinos boots Btw- my vote is the leather laces- nice contrast
That's a solid price
+1 to above! How do these fit compared to Alden Barrie's? I'm about a US 10D
Kyle explained to me that a lot of these leathers will tear when pulled over the last if they don't have the extra strength of the leather lining. Not to say these leathers are less durable, but perhaps not as malleable?
Man, if these were only a 10...
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