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It's definitely all about what you want, not what others want you to have. I obsessively poured over hundreds of photos, read countless posts, and totally drove my wife bonkers; then I concluded that I like the standard height and shape heel the best. I own two pair of Whites with them. And was planning on a third, but opted for another pair of Wescos for my latest (and last for a while) order, which incidentally will have a standard heel too
IMO the lowered heel can look really really goofy if you're not careful. Ever seen a pair, lowered heel on a single leather sole? Looks jacked up! To do it right, I think you gotta choose a thicker sole like a 700 or mini Vib. Go standard heel, browski!! Or aren't ya man enough for some "man heels"?
Saw those too, Ben. I think they look like silent assassins!
Embracing this customer pool has worked out pretty damn well for makers like Viberg, and I'm sure will do well for Nick's too (if only out of spite for its crosstown, lifelong feuding rival). Kudos to listening not ignoring customers.
+1 like good denim fades
The HH Whites used is horse strip or horse butt. Tbh I don't know if you could even use FQHH for boots- may just be shell and horse butt. From what I gather though is its nice stuff.is it worth the $80 upcharge? Probably. It is default with leather lining (required to form over the last from what Kyle tells me), so it's really only about a $50 upcharge
If you're a smokejumper, you want soft toe for function. It can also be more comfortable (and is obviously easier to stretch if the fit sucks). Otherwise, the soft toe bandwagon of late is just for form
Lol!!! I know, right?To me it's about achieving the flatter toe profile; but SLOWLY, which is why my preference would be the leather material (think its plastic impregnated) instead of plastic. Will hold shape but over time will break down, eg old Wearmaster and RW ankle workbooks.
6" (or 5") boot, brass eyelets and two top speed hooks, mid brown wax pull up leather, old-school leather reinforced toe box (not celastic- Nick says he's got it), single midsoles, regular height tapered heel with Dr Sole full cord heel caps, DR Sole full cord half soles, and double welt stitching. Done and Done
Cool thx
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