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It's not CXL as far as I have been able to find out. Though it is about the same thickness and density. Maybe a wee bit softer? Also it takes water stains in a way CXL has never for me. I like it a lot mind you...
Break in with WESCO; painful and long (at least on MP last). Break in with White's; non-existent
Solid mother sluggin deal
Appreciate it, brother. Like Michael Corleone, every time I think I'm out, I get sucked back in!
Man oh man these are nice
I'm talking about engineers made by Baker's on the same last as these lace up boondockers. They scream classic engineer profile IMO!It's a very simiar toe as on Attractions
Thx guys! Kyle is in talks for doing a similar build with machine sewed uppers (in an effort to keep production cost and time down). But they are also known to do bespoke boots for customers, so if you were interested in a boot on this last, you might reach out to him. I've already inquired about brown horsehide and natural tan roughout engineers
One-off boots made in collaboration between Ray Lansburg (aka @Lansburg_Leathers aka The Black Acre) and Baker's. These are easily the nicest lace ups I've ever handled, let alone owned. Hand cut, hand sewn uppers by Ray using burgundy latigo leather and pattern; lasted by Julian; and bottoms (and touch up) done by Chad Williamson (aka @LeatherSniffer) at Baker's.
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