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Beauties! These marked 9.5D or is the size based on measurements?
Wear em until your feet start feeling jacked up wearing them (eg sore from bad gate, pressure along inner heel); that's when they need a recap. Not a second sooner
I like and own both, White's dress leather is much tougher (in terms of density and grain) than the CXL, which is notably thicker but softer. Also, dress holds a shine better I've found. However, blemishes (scratches, uneven color due to a toe bump) in the dress leather can be a real bitch, whereas in CXL that's par for the course and remedied by a bit of water and forefinger. Also, I found that I didn't like unlined dress (just too damn thin and flimsy feeling IMO), but...
Any fades, stains, etc?
So I'm eating dinner last weekend, backyard BBQ style (eg lawn chair and paper plate in lap). I look down and to my dismay I see large splatters of burger juice all over the left boot of my prized new boondockers :| I had had a few beers at this point so while I was pissed about it I wasn't overly worried. Then I wake up at like 3AM in a full blown panic. I rush downstairs and frantically grab the dish soap, a cotton rag and brush, and go to town on them. Think it's all...
^^ +1 Nice graphics tho
These look incredible!! C461 all fuggin day long
It's not CXL as far as I have been able to find out. Though it is about the same thickness and density. Maybe a wee bit softer? Also it takes water stains in a way CXL has never for me. I like it a lot mind you...
Break in with WESCO; painful and long (at least on MP last). Break in with White's; non-existent
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