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Great condition pair of great detailed jeans (rare arcurates and hidden red tab). Lot 1001XX 14.5 ounce Warehouse original Japanese selvage denim 100% USA Cotton Genuine Indigo Warehouse embossed steel tack buttons & steel punch through rivets 100% cotton thread top stitching Deer skin leather patch Made In Japan MSRP $325 Tag Size 34X34 Actual Measurements: Across the waist: 17" Inseam: 35"
Hellova deal for some Sasquatch motherslugger
Man oh man
Damn dawg, don't know if it's a good or bad thing your a size bigger than me I give it till midnight before these find a new home
These made in China?
It'll always be Rip City for me
Don't listen to him, cutting the shaft down is no crime and if you can get a pair for a song and have them modified by a competent cobbler, it may make financial sense to do so. I've contemplated cutting my 8" SJs down to 6" countless times. May run you a bit, just be advised. I'd guess at least $150. Recommend contacting Kyle to get a true estimate from them what Baker's would charge for the service.
Good question on whether or not those have a celastic toe- I honestly can't tell. Beautiful build regardless. Id personally go with celastic with the cap toe, but then again I'm not really digging the soft toe much these days. British tan is such an interesting color. Sometimes it looks bright, almost pumpkin orange, and other times it appears much darker.
PSA- Baker's is having a Cyber Monday deal for 10% off (including MTO makeups). Code "cyber2015" Monday Only
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