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One piece stay, from top of counter. Yeah that looks like something a mall cobbler would do
James those look fantastic! Probably the nicest looking swing last White's I can recall seeing.
James, post up them British Tan SDs already! Happy Halloween, boys!
Honestly, I think you're being a bit over expectant of what these bootmakers should produce. You're like a Tiger Mom!
Agreed. My lined CXL Indys are child's play compared to my lined CXL Smokejumpers. No even close
Trust me man, it's the lining!
Those are lined, the Nick's are unlined; if you get lined you will reduce or all but eliminate those creases. I have unlined wescos in black domain that are unlined and they have those creases, but to me it's part of the evo.So go lined
^^ Are you referring to the creasing along the shaft, as shown in the picture you post? If so, note that's just a plain fact of life unless you never plan on wearing em!
James, is there a pair you haven't sent back? Bakers must love you In all fairness, it'd bug me too. Is it really possible that this is a stitch down issue??Never seen on a pair of Wesco or Vibergs both of which are true stitch down, let alone a pair of White's, which uses the same quasi rolled welt "stitch down" construction as Nick's.
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