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Love Bl@ster's collection and these may be my favorites. He had those based off some really boss bump toe work boots. Just love em.As far as last comparison photos, Empty Garage always has the goodsC461 vs SD http://s.ameblo.jp/emptyg/entry-11748550535.htmlAnd here http://emptygarage.jp/smokejumper/index.htmlFrom my understanding, this last can be less appealing from the #55 because 1) it has a narrower toe box, 2) the weight is disproportionately distributed on the ball...
Any recent experience out there with the C461 last? Interested to know how they feel compared to the traditional Whites lasts. It was apparently acquired as part of Whites acquisition of a competitor, and as a result doesn't have (at least to the same degree of) White's signature arch ease... Thinking about a 6" work boot with close trim, Cuban heels and double leather soles (or single with 705 half soles)...
Ah the action and drama of boot collecting
Yeah, i'm gonna go eat a big fat crow now....Just checked my SJs and confirm this construction. Was confusing with my Wescos.
Tempting, oh so tempting
Haha, right??! I mean, c'mon now!
One piece stay, from top of counter. Yeah that looks like something a mall cobbler would do
James those look fantastic! Probably the nicest looking swing last White's I can recall seeing.
James, post up them British Tan SDs already! Happy Halloween, boys!
Honestly, I think you're being a bit over expectant of what these bootmakers should produce. You're like a Tiger Mom!
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