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Offered for sale is a naval striped short sleeved shirt made by National Anthem under the N'Robe label for the Japanese market. The shirt is a few years old but has been worn less than ten times. In great condition, nice heavy weight material (100% cotton) and made in Canada. Fits true to size
That was supposed to be a Whites-Bakers exclusive so not sure what whites is selling them directly for (guess someone who really wanted them got lucky). Anyway, that's about $100 more than what Baker's sold them for, when they did sell them. Too much material wasted in the lasting, so the profit margins made the makeup impractical (albeit cool as fuck)
If the boots fit you must commit
Very nice contrasting tones. Is that on the swing last? Toe looks extra bubbly to me
Real bummer....
If you really want a shine, use some neutral wax polish. Not recommended for oil leathers per se, but it's still done all the time.
Nah, Louie would have thrown down some Titanic-sized, obscenity-laced, derogatory-filled, grammatically-incorrect type ish on that ass, topped with a bucket of Huberds!
This are really sharp oxfords. Single sole, right?
@meso, Kyle all day long
Hmmm.... Is it as natural tanned looking as in the stock photo?
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