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James, you're on a bender right now- my kinda guy!
Haters gone hate, I fucking love those boots
Assuming you're looking at Truebalance or Barrie lasted boots, they should be roughly the same size as a pair of Semi Dress, which is to say approx 1/2 size larger than your Brannock ("true") size For reference I'm a 10D on Brannock -9.5 D/B on Truebalance and Barrie -9.5D on SD or #55 last -10D on lace to toe SJs (which is a different last than yours I believe) -10D Wesco (across the board)
Group hug, guys!
There's a whole heap of guesstimation in here as far as what ABC will do with White's operations from this point forward. I can't imagine however that they would ever ship their productions overseas- no way, not gonna happen. At least not under the White's flagship name. Hawthorn uses imported components. So I could see an eventual migration in that direction under this or another White's wing, but not the main one. That iconic box emblazed with "Made in USA" and the...
These are fuggin sick!!
Ok dudes, get hip: Baker's are about to blow your sh*t! Custom 6" lineman boots hand made and lasted out of shell cordovan in Thee Great NW!!!
That's just me excited to see these.... If I only had the scratch right now
That's a hellova good deal
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