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Regarding Whites, there's a seller with two pair of pretty nice SDs on eBay right now sz 8D.... Check item number 301250372671
Exactly and that's what bugs me so much about the situation. I keep hoping the mods will do something about it or the individual will eventually post some shit so terrible that their hands will be tied, but so far no dice
It's literally just one dude
It ain't the size of the shaft that matters....
Whites SDs, WESCO Packers, Whites lace to toe SJs, WESCO MP Boss engineers
Louie, I only have four pair from this esteemed group: two whites and two wesco. Viberg is just too damn expensive for my taste, but that's the only thing stopping me. My next mto lace ups are gonna be some nicks. Kyle at bakers has been teasing me about some whiskey shell makeups. I'll post up what I have here in a few.
F*cking brilliant idea!http://www.styleforum.net/t/405362/the-great-cascadia-boot-thread
Thread dedicated exclusively to the iconic bootmakers of the Pacific Northwest. In alphabetic order: Danner, Dayton, Drew's, Nick's, Viberg, WESCO, and of course White's. (Am I missing any??) What are your favorite of the lot, and why? Who makes the better boot? Best overall value? Construction differences. Etc. Etc. Let the games begin (or maybe two posts deep this b*tch will die- haha!)
I agree with you 100% on their left-and-right upcharges. Thankfully, the only upcharge I was hit with was $40 for the black tie leather. Ended up costing $450 (I think). 7" is the secret height (they'll do it no problem), which is strangely equivalent to 6" high Whites.And sorry for derailing this thread with so much non-Whites action. A wesco thread or a general boot thread would be a more appropriate place no doubt.
Lol! Love it
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