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Nah man, I mean why hasn't anyone bought em yet?
Why are these still available for sale???
Eastwest sells this build.
Lol!!! Love it, and know the feeling all too well
Price drop
$750 drop (same terms). this is as low as I'm willing to go for the foreseeable future
What's the upcharge from McKay to rolled welt construction? I'd much prefer hand nail down over machine stitched
My 4+ year old SJs have 430s on them and they have worn very nicely. However, there has been some somewhat emphasized separation between the leather stack and rubber sole at the back of the heels, and I've often wondered if it'd be as exaggerated on composit soles? Obviosly wouldn't be an issue with all leather heels
These look fantastic- congrats!!! Did you provide Nick's the buckles or did they have them in stock?To your point on no celastic; I know soft toe is all the rage but I'm not sure it works on a bump toe last such as was used for these engineers. But then again I think these look spot on as is
New Posts  All Forums: