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Some mother slugger buy these so I don't!!!
As of about a yr ago, yes
Wow! Best wear pics I've seen in a long time. Well done @Warpiper Gets me excited to see my recent British tan SDs age:)
ABC's power lurch..... So bogus Get ready for future excluded makeups
I very hesitantly do this, but am checking to see if anyone's interested in my wesco MP Packers, black domain, 7" height, unlined, single mids, 269 soles; or my Whites lace to toe Smokejumpers, black CXL, 8" height, brown leather lined, single mids, mini vib soles. Both are standard trim, natural edge, feature brass hardware, and are size 10D. The packers are a little over a year old and in excellent condition, and the SJs are about 5 yrs old but still in very good...
To be fair, I have been previously advised of the same thing re Farmer Ranchers (being an SJ on a non-lug sole)...
No consensus, and no wrong answers! I'm a structured toe kinda fella
Sounds like you're squared away (at least in terms of leathers)! As for the choice between brown distressed and natural CXL; just note that distressed won't take a shine. My vote would be to flip the bill and go distressed roughout
Looking good, Lina! Ironically, of all my boots my Indys likely get the most wear. They're just so damn versitile
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