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Any fades, stains, etc?
So I'm eating dinner last weekend, backyard BBQ style (eg lawn chair and paper plate in lap). I look down and to my dismay I see large splatters of burger juice all over the left boot of my prized new boondockers :| I had had a few beers at this point so while I was pissed about it I wasn't overly worried. Then I wake up at like 3AM in a full blown panic. I rush downstairs and frantically grab the dish soap, a cotton rag and brush, and go to town on them. Think it's all...
^^ +1 Nice graphics tho
These look incredible!! C461 all fuggin day long
It's not CXL as far as I have been able to find out. Though it is about the same thickness and density. Maybe a wee bit softer? Also it takes water stains in a way CXL has never for me. I like it a lot mind you...
Break in with WESCO; painful and long (at least on MP last). Break in with White's; non-existent
Solid mother sluggin deal
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