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Aces, my dude!
Treat em well, and they will thank you in spades
You're a gentleman, Lina #cheersWishing you and all these other US boots freaks a very Happy New Year!
All you gotta spread on your new boots is some blood, sweat and tears
Nice one
Annnnnd sold!
Hello, Offered for sale are a pair of 3Sixteen ST-200x, sized 34. They have been worn maybe a month tops, never washed or soaked. Still stiff and starchy, with mild soiling at the cuffs and some blooming at the back of the knees. They feature raw black sanforized 14.5 oz denim exclusively made for 3Sixteen by Kuroki Mills in Japan. Red selvage detail throughout. I had them chain stitched by 3Sixteen in SF to a 33.5" inseam. Also, I reinforced the leather patch by hand...
Man oh man that's tempting
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