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No sizing difference at all. They fold the leather over the same last be it lined or unlined. The only good argument I've ever heard for getting unlined is that the leather lining has the potential to peel away from the outter leather, but I've never witnessed this personally. Other reason to get unlined is that some leathers are just too stinkin thick. I'd personally argue that the CXL whites uses doesn't need it, but that's just me. On the other hand, the lining for CXL...
I'll see about some measurements tonight. Tbh, these would actually be more comfortable on a lowered heel or perhaps with 705 half soles so that way it balanced out the angle of my feet when wearing, as is they kind of feel like I'm in high-heels and my toes drop to the front of the boots. The IH forum I'm sure will have some pics of this boot on a lowered heel (believe I've seen em there), and it's probably about the same hight as standard whites heels. Note that I ain't...
@NNNN, great choice, bro SD standard heel double leather soles on left, Wesco MP packers standard heel single mid and 269 outsoles on the right. Wesco is significantly higher but I wouldn't change a thing about em Quabag heel caps are much thinner than Vibrams
Anyone have a pic or two of that same style heel but 1/4" lower?
Daiza, can you remind me, is this a lowered or standard height heel? Looks so good btw.WESCO's standard heel is less tapered too. Perhaps more than above pictured (and the ones on the Vibergs), but less than whites for sure
+1 kajillion!
I hear you, brother. I've hit the critical mass myself. If one more pair comes in, one pair's gotta go; or I need to find more hiding spots
Speaking of which
Those are going to be radical badical! Was just looking at my brown dress SDs as I read this, coincidently makin me itch for another pair- the British Tan still haunts me, maybe on the C461 last....
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