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Picked these up recently in the B&S pages and they just haven't found a place in my rotation. Nice 12oz ultra saturated indigo selvage from Japan's Kurabo Mills, and featuring workwear-inspired pants with modern details signature to RGT. They were reportedly just washed a few times, with very modest wear showing. The rear leather tag was removed as seen in pics, though I actually like them better without it- gives them a more true "trouser" look to them IMO. Anyway,...
Regrettably, this jacket doesn't fit me. A really great piece featuring Cone Mills duck canvas, front pleats, vegetable ivory cat eye side cinch buttons, etc etc. brand new condition. Like I said, just too damn small Chest: 20.5 Sleeves: 25.5 Shoulders: 19.5 Length: 25.5 $85/shipped CONUS
Damn, dawg. Those are nice!!
The only negative experience I've ever heard of in reference to lining on Whites is the lining separating from the boots. Am guessing that could happen after years of wear and tear. I can definitely see why folks choose to go unlined with brown dress (makes for a lighter, more flexible boot), but I just found I preferred a more robust boot
Lina, I'd only do dress leather lined. My initial pair of SDs in brown dress were unlined, and I was immediately disappointed in how thin they felt out of the box. I ended up getting another pair that were lined and am thoroughly happy I did. The boots feel significantly sturdier. IMO, go unlined with oil tanned and CXL leathers, and lined with dress leathers.
What do you mean? You're paying for a pair of bespoke handmade American boots (in-house by Baker's btw), using the finest available materials
Sick deal! Wish it was the small duffle (don't need another briefcase unfortunately )
Nice man! You along the coast now? Headed to seattle too?
Dood. Yes. Measurements?
Beauties! These marked 9.5D or is the size based on measurements?
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