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+1Brown dress damn near looks like black, and if you already have a pair in black I'd suggest something lighter toned, but it's by far my favorite available leather by either Whites or Wesco. Patina to perfection with the right care.....
Ben check a link I put up a few posts back from Empty Garage..... Very useful info there
Don't I know it! The lowered block heel with all eyelets are just killer. I want a more bump toe than that tho (already have two pairs on the MP last). Hmmm.....
C461 bliss http://emptygarage.jp/smp/item/WHITESSTOCK196.html
By cannot means will not... Oh well, maybe Wesco again
Ah ha, that's the ticket
Good stuff. Standard or lowered heel?
Yep that's what I'm talking about. Love it. Did you special request that? It's not the norm for SJs
Seems like a rock solid price to me; recommend showing more detailed photos tho
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