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$75/each for the truckers, $50 for the passport wallet.
Offered for sale are a pair are true vintage g-man style, sz 50-20. Almost no signs of wear. $40 shipping included (PayPal fees excluded, if applicable).
What's the brim width and crown height?
Good catch, Fok. Post updated above. Want a type i denim or canvas jacket. So if anyone knows a site that's having a no brainer Black Friday sale with stock merch in that vein, pls post it! (Waiting to see what Rising Son is gonna offer)
Tuckshop Sundries Black Friday Sale http://tuckshopsundrysupplies.com
These are stone mint (unworn, and unhemmed) and fantastically well constructed. Sadly, they are too small, so off they must go. Modeled after military chinos from the '40s, the Field Pant has a medium rise and straight leg, similar to the Miner Chinos, but with a slightly larger leg opening. Vintage styled thru and thru. Features: -13 oz. Japanese Calvary twill -100% cotton -Vintage style one piece yoke waist band -Military specification buttons -Front coin pocket and...
Longshot but here she goes: looking for a Rising Sun Handler jacket sz large. Pls MP me if you're considering parting with yours
$50 for the moss green ones
Four truckers, one passport wallet and the tan cardholder still available. Offers welcomed
Measurements and price on the type ii?
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