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Cooler weather brings more and bigger boots
You're the second guy to say that in as many days haha
9.5D on the #55 last. What's one more pair?
British tan SDs on the chopping block, just never wear em....
Drop on the SDs....
This listing seriously been up since 2013??? Ok I'll bite; measurements?
Alden's sold
(Updated 09/05) Looking to part with at least one pair of the following boots, both pairs are sz 9.5D (but fit 10D), are in very good condition and come with the original box: Alden x J Crew #8 shell brogue captoe boots on the Barrie last. $OLD. White's Semi Dress boots in British tan (Horween CXL) and featuring cap toes, leather lining, close trim, double leather soles and a standard block heel. There is a very small tear at the seam of the gusset on the left boot- in...
Drop to $75
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