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Last two truckers left. $100 for both plus chain, $50 each without chain, $75 for one wallet plus chain (only one chain available).
NWOT Dry Bones DP580 Red-D Jeans Sz 34 Soaked once, and in perfect condition except for some slight inconsistency in the indigo around the rear left area (see pics)- priced accordingly. These jeans feature some really great details, and have an ultra starchy hand to them. I just have flat out too many pairs of jeans at the moment and can't see myself ever getting around to wearing these anytime soon. Specs: - 14.5oz original "sushi ear" selvedge denim - slim fit - mount...
Final drop.
New SDs in black cherry water buffalo.
For one dollar? I'll take it all!!
I have a real nice brass chain to go with the truckers. Was holding onto it with the plan on keeping it along with the final trucker left available (whichever it was). But I've decided these just aren't for me, so I'm offering to part with it along with the dark and light colored truckers as a package deal for $140/shipped. These two are also still available; $50 for passport, $65 for the other trucker
Stellar as all get out CPO shirt made by Rising Sun & Co from black Melton wool, size medium. I love this, have two actually (this and one in navy), but its ever-so-slightly too tight on me. As such, here it is. Great condition overall lest for the missing top button (which should be easy enough to get from RS as they still make this shirt, albeit in denim not wool); shirt is priced accordingly. I debated over replacing all the buttons with the two hole corozo variety,...
C'mon now!!!!
I wouldn't sell these for nothin iffen they fit..... but they don't lol. Think: sz 11 Nike/Adidas. For reference, I'm a 10 in Chucks, 10.5 in Nikes and Vans, and generally a 9.5 in boots. I'd say these would be perfect for the guy who's a size larger than me.
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