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Can you post pictures of the walnut shell pas? I've been looking for that!
Are the $69 jeans pre-cut? Meaning...if you order a $69.00 jean, does it ship faster?
If they stretch, you can do that thing with hot water and drying them. It's blasphemy, but, you know...sometimes it stops them from smelling.
My right boot is more wrinkly, my left boot is less so. I use shoe trees which helps, and especially keep them tree'd when I am conditioning (which I've done once). This seems to help.
I have these and love them! If you polish them with navy paste wax, they turn out sort of more formal, in a steely-blue hue that is absolutely amazing!
I agree with @gaseousclay. The feedback I have gotten each time I have asked about time to completion has been the same - regarding orders being either one item or many items, but still being on track. I am in the 900s. I have no expectation of receiving the item within their stated window, because the math they keep quoting is impossible. I don't especially care any more. It will come when it does.
Glued. Just looking for something to deal with a little snow...
$45 for a full vibram commando sole and heel in Boston...
Can I do the 18.5oz kuroki in jeans? It seems like its only available in chinos, vest and shirt? Also, is it possible to put collar stay slots into the shirts?
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