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Any thoughts about the Central Park? I like the suede/leather mix and in black it seems formal. Aside from Christmas and new years parties, do people wear these anywhere else?
I could not agree with this more. Adding to the frustration associated with this is the fact that the company is continuing to quote the same delivery times for product, including both on these forums and on their website, that are clearly impossible. If I'm #900 and something, ordered at the start of November, and they're doing 40 orders per week (by their own math), and they're currently somewhere between 100-400, then realistically it will be many months before I see my...
Do we have an update on the order number in progress? Maybe it would be helpful to have a weekly or once every 2 weeks order update?
I have a fully worked in pair of 213's and they are perfect!
Silk comes from worms.
Can you post pictures of the walnut shell pas? I've been looking for that!
Are the $69 jeans pre-cut? Meaning...if you order a $69.00 jean, does it ship faster?
If they stretch, you can do that thing with hot water and drying them. It's blasphemy, but, you know...sometimes it stops them from smelling.
My right boot is more wrinkly, my left boot is less so. I use shoe trees which helps, and especially keep them tree'd when I am conditioning (which I've done once). This seems to help.
I have these and love them! If you polish them with navy paste wax, they turn out sort of more formal, in a steely-blue hue that is absolutely amazing!
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