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Oxblood sold out in what, 5 seconds?
Why did you buy them if they don't fit the way you wanted them to?
I have a pair of the royalcast, which are super close. They're super comfortable, and they have a bit of back pocket fading (wallet, phone), after infrequent wear (maybe 1/week for the last 6 months). They may be developing the slightest hint of whiskering too.
I wonder if anyone can help. I have a pair of Red wing oxblood mesa leather 213 boots, which are obviously chromexcel and getting worked in. I would like to buy either a pair of Beckman's in colour 8, or else a pair of wolverine 1000 miles (I like the rust colour, but also the colour 8!). I don't have a sense of how close they are in colour...would it be redundant? Any suggestions would be great!
Thought that this was a good time to post this... This is a Yuketen card case I bought from Namor 2 years ago. I've used it almost every day since I received it, and have put absolutely no product on it. First the befores... And now the afters'.... Obviously Namor knows how to take better pictures than I do, but the wallet has aged to a cigar colour with a hint of colour 8 in there, except for under the pocket (where there are usually receipts) where it is...
Much appreciated! Thanks josh! A
I am super interested in the bluexblack, but is the black sulfur dyed? I have a pair of sulfur dyed black jeans and they smelled awful right from the start. Josh?
Thoughts on the suede indy? What do people wear them with?
Chocolate daltons are a closeout style? This is lunacy.
I don't regret my grey Dalton's. I have them in dark brown, tan and grey and to be honest, I use the grey as beater boots. With time they start to look old and dusty and weird. I conditioned them and they look fantastic.I would think black would be the color you might regret. They're too casual to wear formally and black wingtip is kind of an in between style that's formal and informal. Grey is purely informal. But to each his own!
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