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Voted for the navy ec and amenable to welt changes
That's so cool! Thanks!
Votey mcvoterson.
Any plans to bring back an indigoxindigo or indigoxblack, especially in a heavier (15 oz +) fabric? It seems like that would be a killer fall jean, especially with a cool selvedge ID (I dream of a white selvedge with a blue line...)...
Navy navy navy!
9. Adamdurbin
I am in for an MTO - though my preference is a navy eagle county with a light colored/natural welt. I don't care about speed hooks or not.
There is a pair of truffle dundees on the shelf in the Boston Newbury store. I have no idea what size, but I saw them there yesterday.
Well, that's the opposite of mine, which had an enormous gouge out of the side of them, filled in with brown polish, and a big crack in the welt with a sharp piece of wood sticking out of the boot - this was the boot that had the little note saying it had been personally inspected, hilariously. The other boot only had veiny leather. Thank goodness for Nordstrom customer service making everything right!
[IMG] This is my haul from the new grab bag. I have to say, I am really impressed. The pictures are the individual orders. In the end, a saddle tan iPhone case, two card holders (natural, color 8), a belt loop (natural), and two bottle hooks - silver and brass. I was really unimpressed with the winter one and swore off buying another but relented. This is amazing. If anyone has a travel wallet or a passport holder, I am in for trades
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