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Thoughts on the suede indy? What do people wear them with?
Chocolate daltons are a closeout style? This is lunacy.
I don't regret my grey Dalton's. I have them in dark brown, tan and grey and to be honest, I use the grey as beater boots. With time they start to look old and dusty and weird. I conditioned them and they look fantastic.I would think black would be the color you might regret. They're too casual to wear formally and black wingtip is kind of an in between style that's formal and informal. Grey is purely informal. But to each his own!
4 months of periodic wears on my size 29 NS and they got washed - now they're sort of a mid navy blue and soft as hell. The blue is too in between to wear a lot, really, so I got a new pair of PS, size 28 and dayum...these are AMAZING.
For those who wear 8.5E and 9D, I'll be posting some shoes I never wear to try to clean out. Seems like a lot of bar-ready shoes, and nothing will be more than $50.
Not to brag or anything, but I just scored the brown shell strands in 9c for 299. I love the shoebank. They were described as lighter than the usual brown shell - if these come as ravello then score!!!!
Will do... Let's take this to pm. Pm me!
Over two separate grab bags, got 2 brass bottlehooks with keyrings, 3 red CXL wrist bands, one of those straw lanyard-y looking things, and a tan standard card sleeve with blue stitching (really pretty, actually). These will make awesome gifts, unless someone with a wallet or passport/travel case wants to trade!
I have the dalton in 3 colors (walnut, dark brown and grey) and just bought the dark brown fifth street in the seconds sale. In contrast to popular logic, the fifth street will be my "the snow is plowed" winter boot, while I would never dare with my calf Dalton's. So... I'll wear the fifth street as a kicking around boot, and the Dalton's once it's nice enough outside again.
I have this boot and I love it. I just had it re-soled with a beckman sole, and asked them pretty pretty please not to oil the boot. It was perfect. They re-finished the uppers and now it looks brand new (which I didn't want at all.)
New Posts  All Forums: