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Thanks for the explanation guys! Now I want to change the jeans I ordered (18.5oz) to the indigoxindigo!!! Roman is gonna kill me!
Having my 1000 mile's serviced. They are the captoe model from Nordstrom's sale. I have worn them for a few months, and they are in good shape, but they need more traction for the winter. I am putting a vibram low profile commando on them...pics to come!
Why would an indigo x indigo fade more? When you bring out the underlying threads, aren't they blue?
Voted for the navy ec and amenable to welt changes
That's so cool! Thanks!
Votey mcvoterson.
Any plans to bring back an indigoxindigo or indigoxblack, especially in a heavier (15 oz +) fabric? It seems like that would be a killer fall jean, especially with a cool selvedge ID (I dream of a white selvedge with a blue line...)...
Navy navy navy!
9. Adamdurbin
I am in for an MTO - though my preference is a navy eagle county with a light colored/natural welt. I don't care about speed hooks or not.
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