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I use one of three different pens and I like them all (They are all fountain pens) 1. A 1940s Parker Duovac 2. A Mont Blanc Noblesse from the 70s 3. A really basic cheap Shaeffer I would recommend any of these pens, except maybe the Shaeffer if you wanted to look cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by Romanime The color's definitely mesh well, and look good on him, I was saying that personally I dont think I would wear pants that color. Wore a bowtie to school today, got lots of compliments, but now I'm not so sure that I have the energy needed to pull it off, I mean you get A LOT of compliments and it's hard to be funny and witty and repeatedly have to answer to why you are so dressed up all day. I took a pictures...
Quote: Originally Posted by Romanime Haha even if this thread is long dead by then put up pics of your first attempts at pulling it off. I'm wearing a bowtie to school tomorrow as a sort of test run (dont have enough bowties or ideas to put Bowtie Monday in to affect yet) Ok will have to do that, no bowties yet though so I'm off in a regular tie and sweater vest.
Huh I dunno, I guess it always seemed that window pane was more casual and not as good for work, but I guess that has to do with seeing a lot of casual windowpane, though now that I think of it I have seen a number of conservative windowpane suits, I guess I wasn't thinking clearly. In that case I agree that windowpane would be more versatile, though both would be preferable! I do certainly agree that pinstripe is not as good as windowpane in a casual setting.
I like their clothes and their logo, they also seem more fun and youthful for polos and khakis than other high end companies like Ralph Lauren for example.
My preference would be to windowpane for casual, pinstripe for work but it could also be casual too, though I'm not sure if windowpane could be both, guess it depends on the style and the job.
Ha gotta love Don Quixote --insert Wind-Mill Here-- Thanks for the tips I'll have to get some Bowties and start wearing them asap, Bowtie Monday sounds great Smashing picture by the way, love the vest and the tie
Hey my friends and I do Blazer Fridays at our school, but Bowtie Monday sounds like a good idea. Can you wear Bowties with v or crew-neck sweaters?
Is the Ralph Lauren Blazer 100% wool?
How much thicker is the fabric on the Polo shirt than a cotton one would be? I would assume it is thicker than a cotton polo, being lambswool and all.
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