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I agree that black khakis should never be worn unless you are a waiter but khakis and a blazer or sweater are acceptable for certain work environments. Not every job requires a suit, and khakis worn with a tie and blazer can be worn in certain offices, especially if your job observes a casual Friday. Where and when you wear khakis depends where you work and what your style is, in my opinion.
I will often wear an oxford cloth button down shirt with khaki pants, a tie, and a blazer or sweater.
Khaki pants are a casual pant, when worn with a dress shirt, tie, and jacket, or a nice shirt and sweater, they can help pull together a business casual look. The typical khaki pant colours are tan (khaki) and blue. Black khakis are what waiters wear, and they shouldn't really be worn by anyone else. Jeans are always a very casual even when worn with a jacket. Khakis are worn when you want to look a step up from jeans, but not as dressed up as a suit or dress pants.
If they are really black khaki pants, I'd return them and get a pair of blue khakis, Khakis are good pants to own, they can bridge the gap between jeans and a suit. Actually I almost always wear khakis for casual dressing.
Get a pair of corduroy pants with christmas trees embroidered on them and wear them with a tweed jacket. Unless it is a strictly suit and tie affair, then what you're planning sounds nice.
That sell out sort of ruins their cheeky upstart status. Of course most of the people buying the clothes don't really care who owns the company, but it does change my opinion.
I have a polo from VV that has held up pretty well, at least as well as my PRLs. Can't compare them to Lacoste or BB becuase the only polos I have from these places I haven't had very long.
I guess I could see this sort of working if the colours really looked good together and it didn't look like you were trying to fake a suit, but I probably wouldn't try it.
Go to the Allen Edmonds store that is right across from the Madison Avenue Brooks Brothers. It is a tiny store, and if any one else is there, half the floor will be covered by boxes, but it is a cool little store and you can go to Brooks Brothers and Paul Stuarts right across the street.
Go to your local department store, like J.C.P. or Macy's and look for shoes that look like the above Bass. Often department stores have semi-decent looking shoes for good prices. You can look for brands like Bass, Nunn Bush or Aldo.
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