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Interested, what is the sleeve length?
Is this still available?
I really like pale pink with light grey.
Certainly true for the latest movie.
I feel like that's true in a lot of books and movies.
I love Tintin, the illustrations are great and the stories are really witty.I noticed this too; it is pretty interesting to see this evolution.
Almost always FIH; I usually wear button down shirts, but when I wear a spread collar I will sometimes wear a half-windsor. I also just started experimenting with the Prince Albert, will probably wear that more often now.
I'd say wear things like button down shirts and khakis (or jeans if that's what you like), throw on a v-neck sweater for warmth, and swap out the button down for a polo to be a little more casual or put on a tie to be a little more formal. If you want to start dressing better, and you have the means and chutzpah to do it, then go for it. People will notice, and many will probably respect you for dressing well. As far as brands, I don't know your budget but LL Bean and...
+1Also, cords with thin wales are considered "dressier" than wide wale corduroy .
They may not be as common, but v-neck cable knit sweaters look fine. The classic "tennis sweater" is a v-neck cable knit sweater.
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