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Got these from WrongWeather and never ended up wearing them. They fit about a size large, so good for a size 10.
These are brand new, only tried on in the house. Very high quality, as usual from n.d.c. PM for shipping please.
This is beautiful Schneider cardigan. Size 5. I bought this from another member here about a year ago and never wore it (not my style). It has been stored neatly folded in a closet since. 50% Mohair, 30% Nylon, 20% Wool. $20 shipping to US, $15 to Canada. Approximate measurements: p2p - 23.5" shoulders - 18.5" length - 30.5" Fits oversize. I'm about 6', 185lbs and it fits me how it fits the model.
Any chance for something like this? A simple suede bomber with an elasticized collar, hem and cuffs. This one is A.P.C., calf suede:
That lamb daypack looks incredible
It's true that most people out of school don't carry a backpack, and really shouldn't. But there is one exception, at least for me, and that's on my bike. A black leather backpack could look pretty cool on a motorcycle. Most motorcycle gear looks like shit, it would really stand out. I was considering the makr round backpack which seems to have nice materials, but it's canvas and looks pretty standard.
Bought this from BBSLM (http://www.styleforum.net/t/318011/crescent-down-works-for-south-willard-60-40-shirt-jacket-medium) and wore it once, but the sleeves are too short for me. Original link: http://www.southwillard.com/collections/fall-2012/crescent-down-works-for-south-willard/down-shirt-jacket-navy-6040 P2P: 21.5" S2S: 17" Arm length from shoulder: 25" Pics are not mine, but color is accurate and the jacket is in excellent condition.
Could you post measurements please?
Could you give measurements of the waist, thigh and leg opening please?
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