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What size is it?
Got these from WrongWeather and never ended up wearing them. They fit about a size large, so good for a size 10.
These are brand new, only tried on in the house. Very high quality, as usual from n.d.c. PM for shipping please.
This is beautiful Schneider cardigan. Size 5. I bought this from another member here about a year ago and never wore it (not my style). It has been stored neatly folded in a closet since. 50% Mohair, 30% Nylon, 20% Wool. $20 shipping to US, $15 to Canada. Approximate measurements: p2p - 23.5" shoulders - 18.5" length - 30.5" Fits oversize. I'm about 6', 185lbs and it fits me how it fits the model.
Any chance for something like this? A simple suede bomber with an elasticized collar, hem and cuffs. This one is A.P.C., calf suede:
That lamb daypack looks incredible
It's true that most people out of school don't carry a backpack, and really shouldn't. But there is one exception, at least for me, and that's on my bike. A black leather backpack could look pretty cool on a motorcycle. Most motorcycle gear looks like shit, it would really stand out. I was considering the makr round backpack which seems to have nice materials, but it's canvas and looks pretty standard.
Bought this from BBSLM ( and wore it once, but the sleeves are too short for me. Original link: P2P: 21.5" S2S: 17" Arm length from shoulder: 25" Pics are not mine, but color is accurate and the jacket is in excellent condition.
Could you post measurements please?
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