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telling me adding of voucher code failed..
Looks like the official sale will start Monday as that is when the current presale deal expires
do they stretch? wondering if I should get a 29 or 30, typically wear a 30
how to size?
why buy a $400 suit just for an interview?I would just get H&M or uniqlo, they fit well enough and are cheapnobody interviewing a fresh college grad is gonna call you out for not wearing a nice wool suit
Met caseyfud briefly today, his brother's cross country team narrowly beat my cross country team at our regional meet
Np, would have picked it up myself if it was a size bigger!
I really enjoyed shopping at Totokaelo when I was in Seattle, the SA I talked to was really friendly
Rick FW 10 Oiled Calf Intarsia
stooges in calf OR stooges in lamb
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