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I'm not a paperman, I'm a paper, man.
Pretty sure artishard saw it on SZ, dunno where suicmez's pic came from.
Damn that sucks, thanks for the heads up
Thinking about bleaching some denim using the washing machine method. Wondering what would happen to a pair of black raws.. if they came out charcoal-ish that would be rad.
Pose/posture is real awkward and pants flare pretty bad in the thighs. Like the tee though.
They always charge me before they ship. You'll get your package, don't worry
Dem boots..
Yeah, looks a little big, especially unzipped. Is that from the corner fiasco?
Guyiconsignment comes to mind
Actually in Philly for the summer, which is arguably a worse place to be with the humidity. Was cool today though because it rained so I threw the jacket on
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