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Teger which barena is that? Link?
does anyone know if these raf trousers are 36" waist or 36 suit size? http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/raf-simons-triangle-fly-trouser-502564875.html?index=0&cgid=men
as someone who will be moving to SF next year and working in management consulting, this thread is just making me super duper pumped for the future, guys
Toasty what is that scarf I need it
the extreme taper on those is really off-putting
ckc shirting fits small, right?also, anyone have recs for a black scarf w/ good texture? not something super chunky
When I tried it on in store I felt that it ran pretty slim, I'm a S/46 is pretty much everything, but the seconds stuff was bordering on too tight. I preferred the fit of the 48s
lol... would you change your mind if I said I got it from IKEA for $25?
especially women
It's from current season, lamb. Oiled calf from fw10 is grail status
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