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what was wrong w/ the uniqlo? been looking at it for a beater blazer to wear w jeans and tee
feel like that zipper is a little too small for the jacket, would love it if it had a big fat beefy zip
Dad bought a geller zip blazer after stealing mine for a few days last winter By this time next year I'll have him ricked out
I got the derby version TTS and unfortunately had to return, they were ever so slightly too big -- I think sizing down a full size would have been too much for me though. I'd say they run a bit big, but not a full size big, will depend on your foot shapeGorgeous shoes
Oh yeah think you might be right, they looked like Ann vitellos on my phone but on second look I don't think they are
Dles wearing basically my ideal outfit.. I just need to get some ann boots
I thought that was the joke
yeah was going to pick it up to complement my navy zip blazer haha
damn someone snagged that fast
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