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how does gravitypope manage to make everything look so terrible
Kris Van Assche trousers in a really nice textured wool/cotton blend from FW12. Size 44, will fit a 44 or 46 due to elastic waist and depending on desired fit. Great condition, worn sparingly. #cozy $150 shipped within the US, OBO
but really stevent is right, good pics are hugely valuable for moving items, and you can barely make out the items in your pics
Might be because it's the end of sale season right now, so everyone is temporarily kopped out Although I've sold a few things for pretty decent prices over the past week
appears it will work on some rick, works on items in this link:
made in earth by real genuine mole people who can trace their artisanal heritage back to 1.5 million BCE
yes! i want my clothes manufactured by real authentic: italian hands, american arms, french bodies, and belgian heads
this just came in the mail, barena x monocle collab, really nice lightweight wool flannel
Jil Sander dress shirt with a blue heptagon print from SS13. Hidden placket and concealed button down collar. Size 39, fits a 46. Slim cut. Lightweight cotton fabric. Like new condition, only worn a couple times so I can't justify holding onto it, as fun as it is to think about. Looking for $180 shipped within the US, OBO
Stephan Schneider Border Trousers from FW12. Size IV, should be good for a 46 or 48. Elastic waist and knit cuffs. Relaxed fit. Black, 56% wool 44% linen. #cozy $200 shipped within the US, OBO
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