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barena double breasted knit blazer, large sidian ersatz vanes marble shirt, large olive barena blazer, xs barena hidden placket,...
that is really really good
was looking at that shirt, seems really nice
maybe I'm boring, but I really miss plokhov's cleaner, more tailored stuff
some more drops at thecorner
should I topy/vibram my yang li boots? I know it's standard protocol for guidi et al, but not sure if that extends to "dressier" boots also holy crap these things are gorgeous, any idea who makes them? made in spain -- my only guess based on high-end manufacturers in spain would be carmina..
nah, definitely a men's piece more from yoox: OL flecked blazer, really tempted to pick this up myself but know I wouldn't wear it enough Aspesi field jacket
isn't this what LA Guy is planning when he talks about the Geller preorders?
reedo, here are rafs in a full size run: near full size run:
blazer coat is really good, regret not grabbing it in grey from the ervell webstore
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