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dressing biz cas 5 days a week is really... cramping my style but seriously it has kind of crushed my interest in cool clothes -- what's the point if I can only wear them 2 days a week? guess i need cooler biz cas clothes, but meh
Idk, ime most stuff will go to 60 or 70% at the end. Depends on the designer though
some stuff is 80, depends on the brand
not a local, but was there about a month agoenjoyed terra plata, sitka & spruce, and il corvo pasta
low profile vibram will not add an perceptible thickness to the sole
yes yes yes
Shirt is not working for me, too loose and too much like something the kids in orchestra in HS would wear for concerts
yes it's normal rick from some previous collection
rick owens x adidas
reedo, you know how this works by now ask charly, dude
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