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it's rag and bone from years ago
I think that was slp
Right but those guys are in airports, not running. You should wear real running shoes when you run, not designer sneakers. Buy some flyknits or something if you're that worried about looking cool while you work out
Got my much-anticipated TOJ trousers in the mail... and they're too small I must have mis-measured. These are gorgeous, 100% wool midweight trousers. Black gabardine and gray lightweight flannel. TOJ 32 = 32" in the waist, so just measure where you want them to sit and if it's 31-32", you're in luck. Elastic waist for perfect minimal look and comfort. Nice smooth taper down the leg. Lined to the knee so they feel great. These were only tried on once, never worn out....
Y'all so quick to assume that's dishy's gf, for all we know it's his sister
a nightmare,
and you're making me want a job in tech
these but w/ a black smooth leather upperi guess not technically derbys but yeah
basically my plan if this is the rest of the my life haha. dries, mmm, neil barrett, jil, raf, plokhov, schneider etcyeah this is my first legit mon-fri 40+ hr workweek summer internship where i've gotta look 'professional' all the time, basically just wearing uniqlo and the few sw&d pieces i have that are acceptable in the workplace. kinda makes having a closet of rick and kva sneaks and all that seem silly if i'm only going to wear them maybe once a week.on that note...
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