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well, I don't want to be the one to dissuade you, but it has already soldI should only traffic in grail pieces from now on
Emory frat bro name drops Talking About The Abstraction in an otherwise predictably douchey email
Grail piece from Undercover's FW 07-08 collection. Details and quality are insane, some of the best I have ever handled. Perfect condition, no signs of wear. Diaplex fabric is breathable, waterproof, and warm. Will fit a 46-48, depending on layering/desired fit. $700 shipped within the US.
hands in pockets making pants look weird schneider acne schneider guidi cote&ciel
my gf has her own 5 zip
email said there is a 3rd drop coming
had blue-black nylon vag sneaks, they were awesome unfortunately didn't really work with the rest of my wardrobe
one of my professors wore mmm gat mids today i was really surprised they look way better in real life
checked out Altai today cool space, good vibe, seemed like good buys although their selection of designers is pretty limited. sounds like they'll be stocking a wider range for FW though
unless something has changed in the past year you don't need an appointment for atelier edit: nvm looks like it is by appt now
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