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so if I was able to place an order and got an email confirmation, does that mean I got one? or maybe not?
so now I know how it feels to miss out on a merino by minutes.... guess this is a rite of passage
charcoal is showing up as out of stock for me, please say it ain't so
any US stockists or will I have to go the proxy route?
who is making a cool field jacket/m65 these days? liking what i see from aspesi, but not too many stockists and the prices on their own webstore are insane also, was walking back from class today and saw a kid wearing 100% head to toe rick: long cardigan, tank, swinger pants tucked into side zips. go to a small school and i've never seen this guy before so he must have been a prospective student. surreal on a campus that's 95% socal bro wear
jil derby in 40 and 41 on yoox for $466 http://www.yoox.com/us/44606213RR/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44606213RR&sizeId=
this is the last day of corner sale according to an email I got, no codes as far as I am aware
melo buying not geller, does not compute
auximenes, I think you should work on your hair/glasses/facial hair game, your clothes are super nice but the outfits could definitely look better if you took care of that
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