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Y'all are sleeping on the Alexander bomber, just got mine in the mail and it is an insanely nice piece
How slim does the Schneider Oxalis fit? I'm a pretty standard S/36, and wondering if I should go for a 3 or a 4. I have/had an Ijevan, Merino, and Alpaca all in 3, which I thought all fit well
How can you say no to these at $350?
Europe, so I won't be trekking through the wilderness or anything Think I'll bring the CPs
CPs or GATs for traveling? both white w/ gumsoles (+ birdshit for GATs) CPs are 3 yrs old, generally indestructible and I don't care about beating them up GATs are brand new, way cooler, but I'm a bit reluctant to spend 2.5 months in them after owning them for less than a week
anyone else having trouble logging on on mobile? using ios7 and chrome, keep getting an error that says "There Seems to be a Problem. We're sorry, but there's been an error in our system, and we can't complete your request." edit: works fine w/ safari, but would like to be able to use chrome on mobile
just spent way too much time catching up on SF after not reading for 6+ weeks gonna be spending 2.5 months in europe this summer before starting work in the fall I'll be going to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Paris, Marseille, Barcelona and Lisbon. I know there have been a lot of travel questions/recommendations lately, but If anyone has recs for cheap eats/stuff to do/see in or around the cities not recently discussed, would love to hear...
they deduct VAT if you email, I think
reedo is going to be so sad
Some (most?) "bigger name" designers do this every season. Rick Owens will release his same sneakers and leathers every season, maybe with slight material tweaks. Margiela will release GATs and side-zips and 5 zips every season. Ann D will release chuck-a-like sneakers. KVA will release multi-lace sneakers. Dior/SLP will release the same jean cuts and leathers and sneakers. Etc etcNo inside info here, but it seems like the reason it is mostly bigger designers that do this...
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