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they deduct VAT if you email, I think
reedo is going to be so sad
Some (most?) "bigger name" designers do this every season. Rick Owens will release his same sneakers and leathers every season, maybe with slight material tweaks. Margiela will release GATs and side-zips and 5 zips every season. Ann D will release chuck-a-like sneakers. KVA will release multi-lace sneakers. Dior/SLP will release the same jean cuts and leathers and sneakers. Etc etcNo inside info here, but it seems like the reason it is mostly bigger designers that do this...
so if I was able to place an order and got an email confirmation, does that mean I got one? or maybe not?
so now I know how it feels to miss out on a merino by minutes.... guess this is a rite of passage
charcoal is showing up as out of stock for me, please say it ain't so
any US stockists or will I have to go the proxy route?
who is making a cool field jacket/m65 these days? liking what i see from aspesi, but not too many stockists and the prices on their own webstore are insane also, was walking back from class today and saw a kid wearing 100% head to toe rick: long cardigan, tank, swinger pants tucked into side zips. go to a small school and i've never seen this guy before so he must have been a prospective student. surreal on a campus that's 95% socal bro wear
jil derby in 40 and 41 on yoox for $466 http://www.yoox.com/us/44606213RR/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44606213RR&sizeId=
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