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First up is a classic blue OBCD from Epaulet's first Ashland collab w Gitman. Size small and I'm just not quite that small anymore. Pics and measurements below. In excellent, clean condition. shoulders - 17" pit to pit - 19" sleeve - 24" back - 31.5" Second is a pair of new, mint Nike Lunar Braata chukkas, size 12 (fits true, I'm an 11.5 in most shoes but 12 in Nike Frees, so my mistake is your luck). Black suede w/"volt" details. perfect condition. Both are $50...
I'm with ya!
+1 to Mr Carlyle rocking it hard.
and sweet baby jesus that chester coat.
well everybody already posted what my replies would have been. thanks!
TTS for the Truman.Definitely the Truman over the Bedford. The Baker is a more trad blazer too.
well I think the discussion about the FW12 jackets is because EG really dropped a massive collection of jackets with little or no misses, and more variety than is apparent on a quick webstore browse.as I mentioned some pages back, the Truman (esp in the herringbone) is a fantastic, fantastic piece. for me, however, I've got a lot of blazer-style jackets, and the more unique cuts like the Bedford would just get more wear.
The Baker comes in Herringbone as well. haven't tried that one on.
bump. MMM sold. now $45 each!
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