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Harrods has a bunch of Cordovan Alden longwings in cigar, #8 and black in a variety of sizes at £285. Also spotted some suede and calf Indys, some saddle shoes and a pair of #8 tassel loafers; in various, enormous, sizes. I have to say, that after handling some Carminas last week, I wasn't overly tempted to kop. I'm sure there are plenty of Brits who will be though!
As I said, with the sizing, YMMV.In EG I´m:9.5/10E on the 8889/9.5F on the 8889/9.5E on the 606I´m a 9E on the JL 7000 but fit the 9F almost as well with no breaking in.G&G TG73 fits me perfectly in 9FOn every last which I tried in Meermin I was an 8.5 (all in standard E width, with the exception of the cordovan oxfords which I couldn´t get to work in any size).I hope this helps to shed a little light on this for you.If your EG 888 size is 12.5/13EYour, enormous, feet...
Good call, I actually gave this pair to Justin a while back and he did a great job, I posted pics on the Vass porn thread I think.The problem is that after a few wears the polish came off and the grazed toe remained discoloured (whiskey shoes, dark brown scrape).I think that dye will provide the ideal solution, plus I´ve always wanted a pair of shoes that looked like a pair of haunted trees.
You may be right.I was more thinking about the scraped toe.I am borderline OCD about my shoes though.I have a pair of Vass on which I scraped the toe, on an escalator.I now cannot bring myself to wear them at all, so have decided to send them to this guy to get them patinated as a ´disguise´.Your attitude is probaly more healthy @trapline: you definitely have the right idea as far as rotating shoes is concerned.You are much better off buying 2 average pairs and caring for...
Should work perfectly. I will say that the limiting factor on most shoes for me is width.I usually have no problems with my toes. Meermin lasts are quite wide at the ball of the foot but then taper nicely.If length is a limiting factor for you then maybe my 'technique` won´t work so well.I think that the Albaladejo family owns Carmina, Yanko and Meermin.Different branches of the family own the different brands but some family members may have provided capital and training...
The first pair is passable. The second pair is ghastly. One search for ´bicycle toe´ on this forum will tell you why. The third pair are scuffed, probably beyond repair and are also rubber soled. Not a great haul, sorry. For what its worth I bought some terrible shoes at the beginning of my 'style journey' too. Consider this a rite of passage. Not an overly expensive one, at that.
I agree that some of the shoes are finished to a quality similar to a Loake or Barker.On the other hand, I have never seen an offering from Loake that featured Freudenberg calf leather and handwelting.Like most shoe companies Meermin have a high and a low end available.Anyway here´s a link to pictures of the Norvegese (though obviously not the same as seeing these in person):http://meermin.tumblr.com/post/10986840407/doble-hebilla-norwegese-3-gy-9-naturcalf-terra#notes
To be honest, there looked to be some excess material near the welt and the perforations on the brogueing looked a little rough.The stitching wasn´t too fine either.Neither of these were issues on the tassel loafer.In my opinon, the longwings, derbies, ptbs and saddle shoes didn`t suffer too much from the rougher look.The rough finishing was more obvious ater taking a look at Carmina´s offerings, just down the road.The calf Norvegese on the other hand were finished to a...
I know, I´m still trying to figure out how they´re making money on them.The trees are lasted and cost €35, they are more EG than St.C but decent for the price nonetheless.
There are few decent last makers left these days. In Northampton, only Springline remains. Michael does not strike me as the kind of person to screw a client over, in the process destroying his reputation, in order to copy one of their lasts for somebody else. I imagine this will be the same if you go to Italy or France´s last makers.
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