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Haha, that's perfectly understandable, given the circumstances. I just walked down South Molton Lane, saw a sign on the street that said "Drakes SALE" and followed it like a good, listless, purchase-zombie.It was exhilerating.The South Molton music room holds all kinds of smaple sales but it seems to be difficult to find out exactly when they'll be.I just walk by every day and enjoy the pleasant surprises whenever they come around.Thanks for the new PSA by the way!
The sale was just before xmas so, in my case, the fruits of the sale were yielded by my family, in the form of their presents.(Of course, this is SFso I bought myself 6 ties and 2 Pocket squares) The sale caught me completely by surpise, my rather fortuitous office location means that I walk past the venue every day.Next year I will be preapred...
Haha, I hear you on the Hermes prices.On the other hand, can't beat having Savile Row and Jermyn St. within 10 minutes of my office Also, the Drakes sale (in the same venue) was much better: 3 ties for £75, including Shantungs and Grenadines - that's a proper sale.
Hermes Sale at the usual place on South Molton in Mayfair. Ties are £80, other items are similarly priced. Big discounts but huge, initial ticket prices. Went in at 10am, every woman in China was there.
Wait, there are people on SF who don't ALWAYS use a shoe horn?
Visiting a friend, outside London, this weekend. Thought I'd try something more casual out... Jumper: Mark Law T-Shirt: American Apparel Trousers: Isaia Braces: Turnbull & Asser Socks: New and Lingwood Shoes: Church's Custom Grade Chetwynd
Here are my EG purchases from 2011: I think that the above selection shows how diverse the range of lasts, colours and styles of EG shoes are. Purple austerity brogues, blue bucks, olive wholecuts - vanilla ice cream? Really? After seeing what has to be the most impressive list of shoe purchases in one year, ever; I decided to compile my own "junior year" list: Alfred Sargent (BB) Chelsea Boots Black Church’s wingtips Brown Church’s brogue boots dainite studded...
I'm a 9 G 1/2 in model 105 in St Crispins I'm also: 9.5/10E on the 888 9/9.5F on the 888 9/9.5E on the 606 I´m a 9E on the JL 7000 but fit the 9F almost as well with no breaking in G&G TG73 fits me perfectly in 9F
Haha sorry, I should have been clearer. I mean 11, 12 and 13. Does that really work out price-wise for you when you figure in shipping and taxes? £285 is roughly $440. Don't forget that a proxy won't be able to claim the 20% VAT back!
Had a rather productive day today, picked up some trousers in the Hunstman sale and then kopped these at Cleverley.
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