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Summer evening cocktails. This particular brand of pocket square has a tendency to 'escape' during the first few wears, as evidenced in this photograph.
They doubled the price already. It is now €100 upcharge for MTO.They probably should have charged €100 extra to begin with but now people are going to be unhappy.I think its too big a jump in price to make this soon.
Roderick Charles and House of Hanover both have decent selections in your price range. Also worth checking out the Charing Cross and Bank branches of TK Maxx, they usually have PRL and RLBL trousers for $100 or less.
You're OK to peruse most of the Savile Row shops; a couple like, Norton and Sons, don't offer any RTW so aren't really worth going in to unless you're looking to comission something. Huntsman is one of my particular favourites, Johnny is a charming fellow and always happy to discuss the finer points of tailoring. It is probably worth spending some time in places that don't have too much of a US presence. New and Lingwood always strikes me as being particularly British in...
Thanks! The tie is one of my favourites, it is Drake's raw silk. I really like the texture it adds, an ideal summer tie.Agreed, the pictures aren't too sharp, I'll have to look into geting a real camera.For example, the socks are bottle green but appear greyish here.You are quite right to point out the length of the trousers.Convincing a tailor to give you little/ no break is quite tough to do.I'm sure I could press him but I'm happy to have him gradually understand my...
Sorry, no cape.
I just picked up this pair of PRL Chinos last weekend. I tried them with a few different shoes in my collection. I have to say that I really like how the casual material and the turn ups pair with Lindricks and Vass Budapesters. These EG Sandhursts are probably the most formal shoe I have, that still looks congruous with them.
Couldn't resist kopping these upon my return from Madrid, it helps that they were £80 Santoni fatte a Mano
Neither of you are even close To be honest I don't think these are even made in Spain. I like the last shape and the styling a lot, I have never heard of the brand though: Ashton and Allen. Not bad for €90. Shopping tips: Meermin is good for cheap shoes as is the shop where I got the above posted shoes (on calle de San Bartolome). The aren't as good as Carmina but have really good styling and are finished to a decent, goodyear welted, standard. Otherwise, the...
I went to Madrid and did a little shopping this weekend. Anybody care to guess the brand?
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