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Fused MTM suits from Thailand. Jeffrey West shoes White snakeskin cowboy boots (sold these for more than I paid for them on eBay though) Zara dress shirts Enormous numbers of ill fitting, rock band, tour t-shirts I also own a black Versace suit with 5 button cuffs, bought for $500 at Century 21. I almost never have occasion to wear it but it fits me well and hasn't fallen apart yet... I think that early days of SF can be a far more onerous time than pre-SF, with...
Go to gym after work. Shower when you have finished your workout. Put work clothes back on, carry dirty gym clothes in sports bag. Not sure what the problem is here.
FTFY You're right about the texture by the way.Everybody owns a pair of blue, odd trousers; that go with everything - jeans.Other types of cotton, twills for example, also work well as does linen.
Wow. Where to begin... Loafers with 'full suits' are not formal. At all. You should be looking at shoes with Oxford lacing. Metal tags do not belong on dress shoes. There is nothing classy about these. Square toes are a sure fire indicator of low quality in a shoe. I would suggest that you take a look on the shoe p0rn thread, this will give you a good idea of what brands and styles are available. If you are looking for 'the best' try these brands: John Lobb Edward...
I don't think what you are saying is necessarily correct. A drape cut from A&S is not going to yield the same type of silhouette as a more severe suit from Huntsman, even if both were cut to the wearer's 'slim' specification. In fact, I'd venture to say that an A&S slim cut jacket is something of an oxymoron.
I've never subscribed to this view point myself. Whilst black trousers are a nightmare to pair with anything for the daytime, blue/navy trousers work very well. I think they work with patterned shirts in very pale blue as well as pinks, greys and tans. In the summer, blue trousers with a white linen jacket and patterned pale blue shirt, topped off with pink square and brown shoes/belt, is a staple fit of mine.
Picked these up, basically for free (£80); one of the better constructed pair of shoes that I own. Super comfortable for my weird, flat feet.
I'll take a pair of light grey flannels in a 33. That just leaves you 1999 to sell Seriously though. With Daffy's gone and the diffusion brand getting Inco some more mainstream recognition, now would be the time to do something like this.
I have all of my shirts either MTM or darted as well as being taken in at the sides. I find that having a pleat in the centre also helps me to move without feeling any discomfort in my lats and rhomboids. I have quite a prominent back so YMMV, I know not many people round here recommend a pleat with darts, it really works well for me though. For reference: neck 17" chest 42" waist 32" I'm not a large guy by any means, I just think that my overall proportions lead to me...
Although it might not be the top brand (or even in the top 10), I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Cucinelli yet. Their cashmere is fantastic, their collections always work well as a whole (whilst genuinely showing innovation) and every piece of BC I own is made to an exceptional standard. I also really like the story of how the town of Solomeo operates. The brand functions very well as a whole, rather than just being a mish-mash of different, stand-out items.
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