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I have for sale, a fantastic pair of Laszlo Vass Budapesters on the Peter last in Euro size 43. They are made in Cognac calfskin. These fit large and that is the reason why I am selling them. The fit is quite roomy and is perfect for a size 9 1/2 UK or size 10 US (larger than an EU 43 would usually be). They have been worn less than 10 times and have inlaid steel toe taps fitted. The fact that it took me more than one wear to come to terms with the fact they don't fit,...
It is still not super cold in London. More of an Autumn fit.
Thanks for the advice guys. I was just about to pull the trigger on a mid-grey flannel Canali jacket. Yoox UK was giving me a total of £214. After looking through some recent posts, I looked on the Spanish version of the site, where the same jacket was around £140 with free delivery! Looks like my grandma is going to be my new proxy (I tried shipping to a UK address but the order was automatically cancelled).
For sale is a pair of exquisite Edward Green shoes. They are an absolute classic, wardrobe staple and if they were even close to fitting me these wouldn't be up for sale! Why are these for sale? I recently convinced a friend of mine to join the dark side and switch his Clarks and Doc Martens for C&J and EG Unfortunately for him, he got so excited that he bought this fantastic pair, had toe taps fitted and wore them to work, before realising that his size was 9/9.5E...
I apologise for the quality of the phone camera.The suit is a navy pinstripe flannel, it looks closer to charcoal on my monitor [[SPOILER]]
When exchanging the shirt, remember that more pale = more formal. Go for a very light blue shirt and pair this with a light grey/ silver tie. Also, don't forget to wear a white, linen pocket square. This along with your black oxfords (an matching black belt), will result in you being appropriately attired for a non-black tie wedding.
Camel Hair
Go to a charity shop and pick something up in your size. Anything you find is very unlikely to have much wear at all (such is the nature of black tie attire). It will also be of a far higher standard than a rental outfit. For £90, you can pick up a new shirt and a decent dinner suit and bow tie. Spend a little extra in a place like Ede and Ravenscroft and you'll be able to get yourself a waistcoat too. PM me if you need details of a West End tailor, who'll turn this...
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