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Is it just the leather paneling that's different?
Anyone have more info on these?
Thanks Fok. Agreed on lead times. I'll wait to see the swatches!
Also, no love for saddle harness or a nice rich brown cxl?
I'd definitely be interested in the Tan Bison plain toe! My votes for Danite sole. Cool with pretty much any other more minor details.
For sale are my Oak Street Bootmakers Brown Camp Boot in 9.5D. I've had these shoes about a year and change but only wore them in winter months. They've only been worn to and from work (in an office environment) - no hiking/trail walking/etc. The leather has been treated 3 times with Venetian Shoe Cream since I've had them. There is some denim dye here and there - see pictures for best idea of how much. Overall the boots are in very good to great condition. While I...
Really love my camp boots!! Quality is amazing. I measure to just under a 10 on the brannock, bought a pair in 9.5 and they fit comfortably. Definitely not snug, and there is a touch of room. If i get boat shoes or shoes I plan on wearing without socks I will go to a 9. My only complaint is the name badge on the bottom of the shoe. I put these on this morning, drove to work and by the time I got to my desk, the right sole's badge was already half way off. I decided...
Does the venetian shoe cream waterproof? What's the best way to waterproof cxl?
man! im not getting mine til Tuesday. Please post pics when you get yours
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 they are made in a small factory in maine. there are very few people who have the ability to produce these shoes because the construction is very traditional, as such, most of these shoes are made in maine because that is where the labor is. but yes, they are all done by hand from top to bottom. it doesnt get much better than this Cool - I've seen Quoddys before in person and was quite impressed; ...
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