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yea man definitely pick a pair or two up. you seem like quote the OSBM advocate on here..i can see why though
Just pulled the trigger on a pair of Brown Camp Boots. Ordered them in a 9.5, hopefully they will fit correctly. I wear a 9.5 in most dress shoes, and measure to just under a 10D on a Brannock. Will definitely post pictures when I get them!
Quote: Originally Posted by racknac The middle ones are from Epaulet... I love them. The Maine Guide Boots... good luck trying to find a pair in your size now. Yea that's what I figured - fantastic looking pair of boots! I think I'll just end up getting a pair of the Oak Street Camp Boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by racknac yuketen. Awesome - what models are they? Are they from 2010? I tried looking on Yuketen's website but didn't find any shorter boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by racknac ^ The surfer mocs are a 10.5, but I think I could have sized down to a 10. They fit fine when I got them, but I think they stretched slightly after continuous wear. Wondering if the Oak Streets will stretch... Who makes the middle and right most pairs of boots?
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