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RE: Cordovan Break-In... when do they stop squeaking? I've worn my boots around the house for about 1.5 hours now (3 x 30min) to break in...but the squeaking persists!
How does one get Cigar Shell?? That stuff is amazing.
Here are my GMTO - light coating of VSC and light brushing. Indoor and outdoor pictures. These boots....just....wow. They make my Alden boots feel like feathers. AND THE SMELL!!!?? Ridiculously intoxicating.    
Yea wife likes waxed too.
Natty CXL - just like above. I think 35 of us were on this order.
oops duplicated post
Having the hardest time with the laces. Rawhide or waxed??
Aww man!!! Patiently Waiting Edit: YESSSSSSSSSSSS
+1 thank you Fok! Great to have someone that shares the passion organizing and facilitating this.
Ripple sole looks awesome. Wonder how it will wear?
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