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Also vote for 4/9. And 20.
+1 for the Mini Ripple/Johan3Sixteen Copy!!
cool thanks
When/where is the next SF MTO group buy?
What's the 2060 last? All I could find was a reference to the 2060 Vibram sole.Agreed on the 2030 looking sleeker. I haven't seen may chukkas in a 2030 last..would make for a more unique pair.
Here's a good close up of Aged Bark according to Tate + Yoko.http://tateandyoko.com/Viberg-Chukka-Aged-Bark-with-Dainite-Sole.htmlReminds me of Clark's Beeswax leather, but w/ more orange/redEdit: Aged Bark, aged.http://vibergboot.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/daily-wear/
Oh man....I really like that Aged Bark. Was hoping the Tan Bison would be a little more brown. Are we throwing around the chukka still? I think chukka on a 2030 last looks fantastic .
Awesome thanks Guy! I've never seen a chukka quite like it.
Thanks! Scout boot just looks more stubby IMO.
Is it just the leather paneling that's different?
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