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Man. Thise derbys are so good.
Not sure if this will work. But Instagram is where I saw it
Hell yes that stacked leather sole is amazzzzing.
Just saw on Instagram that Johan/3sixteen are working on the mini ripple boot. He said that they were hoping to announce something soon. Which in Viberg time means 4-6 weeks I would assume.
Did we decide on the toe cap for the natty CXL? If we vote/pre-order will we have the choice of toe cap or even sans toe cap?
Please don't make the natty CXL boot plain toe. I can't be buying two pairs of these boots.
I'm really glad everyone is leaning on Brown Chromepak instead of green. Worst case the rest of these make ups are amazing. Well done everyone!!
Well now that the Johan boot is out I vote for the AJ inspired Brown Chrompak!
Also vote for 4/9. And 20.
+1 for the Mini Ripple/Johan3Sixteen Copy!!
New Posts  All Forums: