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MAN. Fantastic collection - all excellent choices!!
Lists you say...
How does everyone get their non color8/black shell Aldens?? Are there secret societies that exist? You can have my first born.. I NEED Cigar...
Amazing. Hopefully one day I will own a pair!
Do they squeak? I have a pair of Cordovan boots that I'm breaking in around the house.. and they're kind of squeaky
RE: Cordovan Break-In... when do they stop squeaking? I've worn my boots around the house for about 1.5 hours now (3 x 30min) to break in...but the squeaking persists!
How does one get Cigar Shell?? That stuff is amazing.
Here are my GMTO - light coating of VSC and light brushing. Indoor and outdoor pictures. These boots....just....wow. They make my Alden boots feel like feathers. AND THE SMELL!!!?? Ridiculously intoxicating.    
Yea wife likes waxed too.
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