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AMD thanks! I just sent you a PM.
I like the annual approach. If you have subtopics, half the posts will be "you posted this in the wrong thread"
I have 2 pairs with Commando sole. Fantastic. Low profile, but durable and rugged.Not sure how cordovan is going to hold up to shifting...but I would to with captoe for a little extra leather there.
Who got these!!?? I'm very jealous. I was way too late in calling. Post a pic when you get them!
MAN. Fantastic collection - all excellent choices!!
Lists you say...
How does everyone get their non color8/black shell Aldens?? Are there secret societies that exist? You can have my first born.. I NEED Cigar...
Amazing. Hopefully one day I will own a pair!
Do they squeak? I have a pair of Cordovan boots that I'm breaking in around the house.. and they're kind of squeaky
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