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For anyone that's an 8.5D Barrie, The Shoemart may have a pair of Whiskey PTBs available. I was talking to Ed and he mentioned they show up, but that I'd have to call customer service. I'm not a huge fan of Whiskey so I figured I'd post for someone else to grab them.
Man that sucks. Wonder what it is with Alden and rare shell. Seems other GMTOs can get it without incident.
Brown Shell Galway: @likethisnothat @Caligula77 @nishant @BigPars That's 5.. @mraza and @Webbo are throwing around a chukka in the same build.... Come one come all! Tell your friends, spread the word
Yea too bad we can't GMTO those!
So much beautiful rare shell in this thread. So little for us mortals to purchase.
Nice! Ok, so..4 probables at the momentSimilar, but probably a much different shape.
How does this thread not have like 1000 pages?! Is this program still live?
Like a more casual chukka? I like the Chiltern (224 last) shape.
Yes!! Come on let's get this train rolling again
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