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Hey Everyone, Title says it all. I went through my shoes this weekend and am selling these. They're a tad snug/small and I never end up wearing them. Purchased new from JCrew last July, worn no more than 5-7 times. They're in great condition, color is well saturated. Stored in bags with trees. Will ship with original box and bags. Paypal and CONUS preferred. Price includes shipping and insurance. Email me with questions or offers - henry.wong.11 at...
The plain toes don't look like they're getting much love. Lots of sizes still left. I wonder if it's b/c of the 1035 last. I just bought a pair though - can't wait. That leather looks fantasmo.
Hey Guys, First time selling on here..figured this audience would be more appreciative than your standard eBay user. But for feedback references I'm sirsigsalot on eBay and hwwong on GolfWRX. On to the goods - just went up to the sample sale in Richmond a couple of weeks ago. Bought a bunch of stuff, and thought I could get away with sizing up. Unfortunately that is not the case, and I don't feel like spending more $$ to get them tailored. They're 15.5/M and 34"...
Done! Thanks guys
Hate to be this guy, but haven't found a lot of information on sizing compared to Aldens. Can anyone comment on Hiro Vs. Barrie? I'm a 9D barrie... Thanks!
AMD thanks! I just sent you a PM.
I like the annual approach. If you have subtopics, half the posts will be "you posted this in the wrong thread"
I have 2 pairs with Commando sole. Fantastic. Low profile, but durable and rugged.Not sure how cordovan is going to hold up to shifting...but I would to with captoe for a little extra leather there.
Who got these!!?? I'm very jealous. I was way too late in calling. Post a pic when you get them!
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