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cool thanks
When/where is the next SF MTO group buy?
What's the 2060 last? All I could find was a reference to the 2060 Vibram sole.Agreed on the 2030 looking sleeker. I haven't seen may chukkas in a 2030 last..would make for a more unique pair.
Here's a good close up of Aged Bark according to Tate + Yoko.http://tateandyoko.com/Viberg-Chukka-Aged-Bark-with-Dainite-Sole.htmlReminds me of Clark's Beeswax leather, but w/ more orange/redEdit: Aged Bark, aged.http://vibergboot.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/daily-wear/
Oh man....I really like that Aged Bark. Was hoping the Tan Bison would be a little more brown. Are we throwing around the chukka still? I think chukka on a 2030 last looks fantastic .
Awesome thanks Guy! I've never seen a chukka quite like it.
Thanks! Scout boot just looks more stubby IMO.
Is it just the leather paneling that's different?
Anyone have more info on these?
Thanks Fok. Agreed on lead times. I'll wait to see the swatches!
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