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Thanks! Unfortunately they haven't had my size. I should check the irregulars...!
If anyone got these from Unionmade, please share!! Pretty bummed I missed them..
9.5/10 in Nike 9 Converse/Chucks 8.5 Barrie, 8.5 TruBalance 8.5 Viberg 2030 and 1035
They both fit just fine in D width - but TB fits just that much better. Most of my Aldens are on Barrie anyways.Same with Viberg - both 2030 and 1035 fit just fine in D width, but 1035 feels that much better.
That's awesome! My vote is for Barrie, but Tru-Balance is by far the most comfortable last for my foot. Tough choice but wear them in good health regardless!
Just unboxed these this evening. Pretty pumped. Context Roy in Snuff
PSA - Context Clothing just restocked their Roy boot in Snuff.
For anyone that's an 8.5D Barrie, The Shoemart may have a pair of Whiskey PTBs available. I was talking to Ed and he mentioned they show up, but that I'd have to call customer service. I'm not a huge fan of Whiskey so I figured I'd post for someone else to grab them.
Man that sucks. Wonder what it is with Alden and rare shell. Seems other GMTOs can get it without incident.
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