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At the end of this episode, Troy and Abed are watching "Inspector Spacetime" , the Dr. Who spoof that was created at the start of this season.
At one point Jeff asks "Are you feelin me?".
" Marni just pucked up a bitch!"
Breed Ghost Daddy, Breed!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by SD1 Save for Parks and Rec.
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k The smallest watch you can find is 40mm? Seems a bit odd. Look at any Seiko. Good, affordable, quality watches. Most are probably 35-37mm ish. I suggest a Seiko 5. Oh, and yea.. what in the world do you want with a 30mm watch? Maybe look for a woman's watch. I dont think youre going to find something that small in a mens watch
I'm not necessarily a poor man, I think these Seiko 5 SNK's have a great look for $70. I added aftermarket straps. The leather is gorgeous - from Indy Straps - David is great to work with!
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