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well played sir, this is so much win. Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus linen suit, broken record ] It was so hot in Cali today...I barely had my jacket on at work. Do linen suits run cooler?
With this forum! I'm learning so much thanks senior members !
Do they make just 14 neck shirt? not 14 1/2... If so where can I find some?
[quote=Phat Guido;4350375]St Crepin's Day WOW, This is just simply beautiful...You're a true inspiration.
Wow, Part III already?
[quote=Binker;4094384]hey MC, SWDer in need of help. ive worn a suit probably two or three times in my life, but I recently found myself in need and this is the pre-alterations result. the suit is designer (margiela) but based on my limited knowledge the cut seems rather classic. its a size 50. i think the jacket fits quite well but the pants look like a hot mess. clearly they need to be hemmed and taken in at the waist, but Im also pretty sure Im gonna slim them down...
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix;4036728[IMG[/IMG] Cap: $17 Coat: $20 Shirt: $0 (gift) Tie: $15 Square: $10 Trou: $30 Socks: $2.50 Total for contest: $94.50 Shoes: $8 Tailoring: $13 Real total: $115.50 LOL where did you get shoes for $8 dollars???? They look pretty clean as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by someotherstyle I LOVE This Jacket!! You play off that conservative style very well. wow man you always take great photography. When I first came here I thought you took your pictures off a Nordstrom's catalog or something. lol Quote: Originally Posted by Stoppy I love DB jacket, but I like them warn with a tie. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin The Velvet Jacket looks and fits great! I just wish those slacks had cuffs, it would have really put the finishing touches on the overall look IMO. But it still looks fantastic! Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker GREAT LOOKING SHOES! Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition That's a good look. I love that tie with that Jacket.
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