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Every time I enter the thread and see that fishtail it hurts a little inside that I never ordered one.
Might head over to the local dick blicks then and pick some up. Navy rit dye ends up being purple if I don't double up, black ends up being navy, etc.
it kinda looks like you have hooves
toj, pbj, mmm indigo jeans would probably look better
kickstarter [[SPOILER]]
That's great news. I'm with conceptionist though, I definitely could have sized down one. Will put in an order soon for black or grey...
The new ones say waterproof lining so they might have went with a different fabric. Still, my original one has gone through a few downpours with nothing getting wet.
I don't get how dan hasn't gone crazy from having to fill out all those customs forms / ship them I only had to do one and the process took forever
Older one.
Never used
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