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Coming from the guy who says that Epaulet clothes are "hard to pull off" and are considered "loud"
Thanks, should be shipping this week then, I hope.
It's a m2m. I might try and take some better pictures once I get the pants hemmed and some new dress shoes.
Ebay has been shit for sellers for a while, maybe it's just now reaching the clothing auctions though.
Does anyone ever use everlane's customer support email?
Oh wow, that Colbalt denim looks great. Hope BIG gets a stock of it.
My mind is swimming with all the possible meanings of this
waist - 31 thigh - 11 knee - 8 leg - 7.5 inseam - 35 unwashed, worn once, indigo 80 70
So how long does it usually take before an order ships out? Put an order in for black cap toes with hidden stitching a few days ago.
Is that it?
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