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Grey MMM side zips. A bit too long for me, worn about ten times, always with insoles in. Some light scuffing on the tip of the shoes as shown in pictures.
I wear them outside of the house, of course when doing so I avoid any and all eye contact so that I don't see their judgmental looks being cast in my direction.
machinedrum? machinedrum.
I just tried mine on, I'm generally a small in everything but an xs in uniqlo dress shirts and t shirts and this fits fine as a small.
Hm...I've always felt that autumn doesn't really 'start' until mid October here.
That's the 4 zip dr though.
Aw man, the little bit of extra length and sleeve width on my mdr is gonna bother the hell out of me now.
Well I didn't size up (but I usually go XS for Uniqlo anyways) but at a 31" waist, 19" thigh, 14" calf they don't see tight at all. That might change with drying them, but I wasn't going to dry them in case of zipper bulges.
Just a quick update, I've worn and washed several other pairs of ninja sox and they've all held up perfectly fine.
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