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lazy sunday
Good thing it was a gift, right?
yes, a medium blue or light grey would be perfect.oh, i bought one of their merino sweaters as well and it sucks. really thin, doesn't feel great, even at $20 or w/e it's still a bit disappointing.
i like clothes
uu sweats are incredible, thinking of ordering another pair. I bought the uu cargo pants...now I'm not sure what to do with them. Maybe I'll taper them a bit more. the tasmania wool trousers that I always see toasty wear are nice as well considering their $40 sale price.
my cc limit isn't high enough for jawnz
Hadn't even washed them yet lol, still I think it might've just been a bad one since the other sock was fine.
Just was able to pick up mine. Good: Silicone stops any heel slippage Feels really nice, most no show socks are incredibly thin but these actually feel like socks Bad: After only a few hours of wear on my first pair this happened. Not sure whether that means I should size up to a large, especially considering I'm a US 9 with only a bit of a wide foot.
Suddenlee comes through again. Second time shopping with them and I placed an order with them last night at 10 pm, got this today
Why doesn't anyone ever go top down bottom up?
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