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Tempting. And I haven't even gotten a chance to wear the two jackets I ordered before the hiatus.
boring summer fit, it's still hot and humid
Buy a drying rack I guess?
I sized up one for the sweats and after a wash and dry they shrunk and fit fine. Shorts I went TTS and probably will just hang dry them.
remember when this thread was about cars? good times.
ebay has a bunch up too
I wear a small and kinda raise my eyebrow at people wanting more of a taper, so that might be it.
I dunno, I've probably washed my shirts 20+ times (once a week since I got them) and I only fucked up a pocket tee, of course I left that one soaking in bleach overnight so I'm sure that had something to do with it.
Left foot GAT, Right foot MMM Right foot MMM, Left foot GAT Right foot GAT and MMM
New Posts  All Forums: