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I'll definitely stop in and check it out at least. If they still have shit and the boots don't feel like total crap I might even purchase them. ya'll cut that tag off silent shirts?
I just saw that I missed that MA-1. Fuck me.
hmm...well cool, some cheap side zips then.
Side zips look exactly like the steel grey ones they have now. wonder if they're actually in the collection or not
They're saying that this year is supposed to be a bad (read: good) winter, which I'm rooting for since I ordered a fishtail.
What are the pants in the first pic?
skinny black jeans
Yeah I have pretty wide feet and MMM gats in a 42 feel amazing. 41 CPs get a bit uncomfortable.
Either my eyesight is becoming better or the brown in the brown goat is become more pronounced with wear. I was hoping that with last week's ~40 degree weather I could break out the duffle, sadly it's back up to the 60s again though.
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