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night bus is where it's at
It's a small, geller tank helps hide my nipples though
Almost a complete rehash of my last outfit... everlane, geller, pbj, mmm
Perfect, thanks.
Thinking of getting a pair. Usually I just go with a 9D (although my foot is a bit wider) so from what I've read in the thread it should just be a UK 8. Do they tend to stretch a bit in the width? Anyone know the difference between the two black captoe oxford models?
Thanks, don't often go over to the MC side so it's easy to see why I missed them. Definitely look nice and a bit cheaper than AEs too.
I have to grab some black oxfords for a job I'm starting in a few months. Anything I should look at ~300 range or should I just buy some AEs and call it a day?
The josef tank is really nice but I think I'll be using it more as a layering piece than on it's own.
Every time I enter the thread and see that fishtail it hurts a little inside that I never ordered one.
Might head over to the local dick blicks then and pick some up. Navy rit dye ends up being purple if I don't double up, black ends up being navy, etc.
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