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skinny black jeans
Yeah I have pretty wide feet and MMM gats in a 42 feel amazing. 41 CPs get a bit uncomfortable.
Either my eyesight is becoming better or the brown in the brown goat is become more pronounced with wear. I was hoping that with last week's ~40 degree weather I could break out the duffle, sadly it's back up to the 60s again though.
i was gonna order a pair of the glen beck denim but they stop at 32 inches. going down that is.
Did anyone else think the blue ckc shirt was solid blue not blue/white stripe? I think the ones I got for $30 from From Britten fit way better. These are a tad tight in the shoulder, the arm holes are a bit too low and it's too long to wear casually on me.
are these givenchy flight socks baller?
Original black one with quilted polyfill was in Goretex. Anniversary is in a laminated high denier nylon shell.Not mine.
Cool, thanks. Pretty much all I needed to hear to grab one.
So hows the uu wool blended jacket? missed out on the easy jacket in the s/s...might get one of these now that they're on sale.
i hope drew's ma-1 fabric research is going well
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