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Nope, the knee bulge is unavoidable if you're wearing that type of denim. It's due to the stiffness of it not the skinny cut. If you want to get rid of it throw it in the dryer after a wash to soften up the fabric, otherwise it'll just stop after a while of wear.
Is there actually a boot tuck? Looks like they're just rolled up to me.
How do the josef tanks fit? 35" chest, plan on going with a 44.
46 here and I agree. I almost wish I went with a medium tbh.
All this talk has me thinking about trying out a pair of ro shorts again after talking myself out of it after posting in the should i buy thread
Uh, I got trousers that I ordered on April 6th.
you can tell by the fades. fades from wearing raw denim look far different from fades on pre-distressed denim.
I haven't seen the new one myself, so this is guess work, but if the holders are on the side on the bag I think it's more providing one for left and right handed people than the ability to carry two waterbottles at once.I think it really depends on what I'm buying, but no, I don't think that a made in the USA tag automatically makes it superior.
I'd still like to see some proof of that since it seems very unlikely that they would go ahead and sell it for $150.Those things were asked for by a lot of people, so clearly it wasn't for the majority.
uh...what? what stores? that goes against their entire ethos"everlane creates the finest luxury accessories and essentials under $100"i also looked at the nyt article and nowhere does it mention a price point of $150 for anythingmaybe we should wait for the details on the backpack before crying out against the price risei'll still buy stuff from everlaneoh i noticed that the pull string on the old backpack is canvas, the new one is leather. what other changes are there i...
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