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Psh, I was in a Payless shoe store and someone asked me if I worked there.
have you tried to burn the gas off?
I'll be shopping around for some brown side (back) zips soon, any suggestions on what to look at? ~1k. Pretty vague I know, but I'm not too knowledgeable about what / where to look.
Can't read Japanese Also do they ship internationally? I tried using google translate but the translation ended up being ambiguous. I'm guessing yes though.
Attempting to take fit pics at 6 am is a bad idea.
my entire wardrobe is h&m
I'll definitely stop in and check it out at least. If they still have shit and the boots don't feel like total crap I might even purchase them. ya'll cut that tag off silent shirts?
I just saw that I missed that MA-1. Fuck me.
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