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They go on sale next week, Aug 14th.
Apparently the pair I ordered are out of stock so they won't be shipping for another month or so. At least I get a free belt out of it now I guess.
I shall hone my skills and try again.
Saw this Ann D jacket on llnc and thought it was pretty great.
I thought we just talked about knit ties? Am I in the wrong place?
This is actually your second time posting. I don't think I can patronize a website when the person that runs it lies to me at the very start of our relationship.
The last thing we need is another model for people to ask sizing advice on.
I remember when I first started lurking here, I wanted some badass Alden Indys or Captoes.Couldn't be further from the truth now.
So do we turn into a giant robot once we get that dainty eccentric polo ascot person?
Hoping for a light grey OCBD. Gonna grab a white one definitely though, cause man do I love white.
New Posts  All Forums: