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you mean like svenssonshop.com
shit, smalls already sold out.... maybe i should just get the green version
You're not going to be berated into not getting a jacket in a certain color, it was only advice / opinion that it should be had in black.The pair there I went TTS following Drew's measuring advice. So basically whatever it measured was the size I got.
Didn't see it on the site, do you just call up to order it?
Cool, will preorder as soon as the option is up. Code still works I assume?
gonna try for a dip dye from acrimony since blackbird was out when I went to grab one there.
Anyone know of any stores that still have the Comme De Garcons SA2100 wallet in black left?
did the fuckyeahstyleforum post get edited? seem to be a few new additions
Nah, I don't have any pull on the pleat when wearing them, although I could have sized down one myself.
that's funny because i'm selling 70% of my stuff to beef up my wardrobe.
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