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if my olive fishtail happens to ship monday i'll be the happiest person ever and just sit in my house all week wearing it cause it's not cold enough outside yet
dont put your phone in your jeans
You can probably wear it fine during the 'winter'
no no don't do olive that's a terrible color. i would never get that
so where is the hm&mmm collab shit made? some dude was telling me it was the same place as mainline and I was all "ehhhhhh"
you probably won't get them as small as the OW measurements. maybe if you threw it in the washer, but definitely not with just a hot soak.
A bad choice of works on my part, gonna start up the process after this week's paycheck.
H&M sells shoes?
Is that a MA-1 I see? I want it. I need it.
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