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because i have nothing better to do with my time
Have you tried John Coppidge?
If you want skinny grab goat.
i guess, but it usually flops after i look for one thing and can't find anything like it and then run out of places to look and just give up any hopes of ever being good at this
I always say I'm going to grow my hair out but never do. Now I think I might just say fuck it and do it after seeing drew's pic again. I might even buy a blow dryer.
i spend too much time here when i read thought that list and everything makes sense
Yeah. They always come whenever I'm at work and the note will usually say you can pick it up after 4 or 5 so I just walk over there and grab it.
I need some shirts to wear of casual thursdays/fridays. Anyone have any suggestions for any others? Right now all button ups are blue or white..
I didn't really like that last waywt i posted toj,frombritten,pbj,f+b
Came with shoes, size was wrong. Measures 36" to the middle hole.
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