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Cool, will check the site this weekend then. Thanks for the update.
Let us know how you have to size and the price if you don't mind
night bus is where it's at
It's a small, geller tank helps hide my nipples though
Almost a complete rehash of my last outfit... everlane, geller, pbj, mmm
Perfect, thanks.
Thinking of getting a pair. Usually I just go with a 9D (although my foot is a bit wider) so from what I've read in the thread it should just be a UK 8. Do they tend to stretch a bit in the width? Anyone know the difference between the two black captoe oxford models?
Thanks, don't often go over to the MC side so it's easy to see why I missed them. Definitely look nice and a bit cheaper than AEs too.
I have to grab some black oxfords for a job I'm starting in a few months. Anything I should look at ~300 range or should I just buy some AEs and call it a day?
The josef tank is really nice but I think I'll be using it more as a layering piece than on it's own.
New Posts  All Forums: