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Doubtful, it's generally marked low to avoid that.Brown goat MDR looks great. Really like goat as a leather, maybe even more than lamb (although I haven't seen any black lamb yet).
Just wash your jeans more often, it won't kill them or you. That said, no idea what you're doing that's making them smell that bad that often. lol nice five threads btw
finding decent lighting in the new place is rough, also apparently all my dress socks disappeared toj/from britten/toj
Just 1? damn, I felt salty when Verizon dropped me from unlimited to 4.
Well Camo lining isn't the only option, you can still get a solid color lining...kinda wish I got that tbh.
Just got the Butteros, wasn't quite happy with them. Didn't like the color that much and I probably could have sized down 1 size for the length (had 1.5" in the toe), maybe even 1.5 depending on the instep. Gonna return for some F+B Elfs...they run TTS, right? Might start thinking of my boot size as 8.5 Would a Barney's co-op carry the same stuff as what they have on their site?
For me uniqlo shirts stay tucked fine, they're generally too long to wear untucked though.
please, all ya'll are tech pleabs. it's all about the 4k res now-a-days
wow, that hagg look doesn't look like a hagg look at all. (in a good way)
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