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1) Robert Geller Dip Dye, which I already ordered. 2) Another winter jacket? Might be a ToJ Fishtail, but I already have two winter jackets so I think that it might be a tad redundant. 3) Loopwheel sweatshirt. Maybe a Buzz Rickson or another Strike Gold one, but sized up. 4) Black side zips. I'll search for prospective candidates when I actually get the cash.
Those are from two years ago, the fabric could have changed, but don't take my word on it.
But you still haven't edited it
which? 2nd row, 3rd down?
hes just spamming to try and get people to sign up under his account so he gets rewardsdont use his link, sign up on your own and pm thenanyu for special styleforum insider access
i want those cropped pants and those shorts
It's soft, but not as in the buttery softness of the lamb. It's pliable from the get go though, so it certainly doesn't require any break in time like the calf, but still feels a bit more rugged than the lamb due to the texture. I like my 4 zip moto in goat.
i feel stupid and still don't get the ( number here)
My school reminding me of MFA would be a step up
hermes man is the asian i wish i could be.
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