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wow, that hagg look doesn't look like a hagg look at all. (in a good way)
Thanks guys.
Brilliant argument, you'll go far calling everyone dickheads.I never said Unbranded was bad, I never said disparaged anyone, I simply said that it's foolish to make comparisons when you have no experience with what you're comparing it to. I'll stop shitting this thread up now and let ben2t continue with his expert denim analysis.
These Butteros from Barneys, consensus was to size down 1 or .5?
His sole argument was that since all three are 21 oz denim the Unbranded jeans are clearly just as good while being a fraction of the price. Hardly valid criticism. That said if you pick up a pair of H&M denim in one hand and, well, any other brand we've talked about in this thread, in another it's pretty easy to feel the difference. Fabric quality aside you're also paying for the cut, dye, and yes, for the name as well, however the name is hardly the sole thing you're...
Congratulations, you and thousands of other people drive BMWs. Oh wait, I drove one too. That said just because you 'tried them on' doesn't give you any experience as to how they wear over time when compared to Unbranded. I find it hilarious how you say a poor person such as yourself can only dream about owning 'SAMURAI' or 'IRON HEART' while you brag about driving a BMW and owning True Religion and Diesel jeans. HILARIOUS.
Have you worn any of the jeans that you're comparing your unbranded jeans to? If not then please stop.
and here i thought you hated greyalso you got rid of the ugly ties and replaced it with eric glennie?
doesn't bows have them? he needs to post them to complete the trifecta of toj pants
Just ordered a fishtail. Anyone ever comment on how it handles heavy snowfall? If good then I'm probably just going to sell off my other winter jacket now.
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