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the last few posts have reminded me how desperately I need a pair of boots
Well, ordered Aug 1st. Sent an email on Aug 10th to check to status and was told they were out of stock and would be shipping at the start of September, now I sent another one and was told they should be ready in ten days.
i was hesitant about paying 300 for a sweatshirt, but i just got mine in and i'll be damned if it wasn't an incredible purchase at that price. love it
way to forget dan
Eh, I feel like something like the Fishtail could get lost in the transition, meanwhile I doubt something like the DR or A2 will.
Yeah, I'm ordering an Olive Fishtail once Amazon gives me my monies.
I have a few spots like that on my grey mdr, it's just the hide I guess.
no, willy would have remembered this
Placed my order a few days ago, didn't have internet at the new house so I had to scramble and do it on my phone. Can't wait since I only have two pairs of meh no show socks, now I'll have 12 more.
just unsheathe your mr clean magic eraser and rub it all on there
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