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Price is shipped. Worn once.
I dig those Delta Black frames. Been looking for a pair of sunglasses for a while too...hmm.
Err..you do know that it's all donations, right?
you mean like svenssonshop.com
shit, smalls already sold out.... maybe i should just get the green version
You're not going to be berated into not getting a jacket in a certain color, it was only advice / opinion that it should be had in black.The pair there I went TTS following Drew's measuring advice. So basically whatever it measured was the size I got.
Didn't see it on the site, do you just call up to order it?
Cool, will preorder as soon as the option is up. Code still works I assume?
gonna try for a dip dye from acrimony since blackbird was out when I went to grab one there.
Anyone know of any stores that still have the Comme De Garcons SA2100 wallet in black left?
New Posts  All Forums: