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'don't cry, i came here for the varsity talk too' i fell out of my chair
Most of the ones I get are"i'll buy them for X"Then if I actually accept it I'll never hear back from them.
edit: double post
I have wide feet so I have to shop for width comfort. I can have .5-1 inch of space from my toes to the end of my shoes. I still think the mmm side zips I bought are too big length wise but live with it since they're comfortable.
They go on sale next week, Aug 14th.
Apparently the pair I ordered are out of stock so they won't be shipping for another month or so. At least I get a free belt out of it now I guess.
I shall hone my skills and try again.
Saw this Ann D jacket on llnc and thought it was pretty great.
I thought we just talked about knit ties? Am I in the wrong place?
This is actually your second time posting. I don't think I can patronize a website when the person that runs it lies to me at the very start of our relationship.
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